English Links
CCSF Cyberia web resources page - access to English resources on the web www.ccsf.edu/Departments/English/
WAC Cleartinghouse - interdisciplinary perspectives on language, learning and writing wac.colostate.edu/atd/archives.cfm?showatdarchives=aw
UC Berkeley Undergraduate Division - helping students become better writers across the curriculum teaching.berkeley.edu/bgd/writebetter.html
Rutgers University - resources for writers and writing instructors andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Writing/links.html
Dartmouth College - online writing materials www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/about.shtml
Muskingum College - teaching literature and composition strategies www.muskingum.edu/~cal/database/
    - reading comprehension strategies www.muskingum.edu/~cal/database/
University of Chicago Writing Program - a short guide to college writing writing-program.uchicago.edu/resources/collegewriting/
The Literature Network - full texts of 1200 novels online www.online-literature.com/
Middle Tennesee State University - useful sites for reading skills mtsu32.mtsu.edu:11110/read_page/
Carnegie Foundation - a gallery of pre-collegiate English teaching successes gallery.carnegiefoundation.org/specc/
    - developmental studies writing lab mtsu32.mtsu.edu:11413/
Purdue University Writing Lab - handouts, materials, and resources for students and teachers owl.english.purdue.edu/
Tompkins Cortland Community College - a collection of links to audio and video files, spoken arts resources www.sunytccc.edu/library/lib-aud.asp
National Institute for Literacy: Partnership for Reading - research-based principles for adult basic education reading instruction www.nifl.gov/partnershipforreading/
San Diego County K-12 District - activity bank of examples of different graphic organizers, rubrics, journaling, and more www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/SCORE/actbank/actbank.html
Longview Community College - guides for teaching writing across the curriculum mcckc.edu/longview/wac/wachome.htm
Literacy Net - CNN weekly news abridged for adult literacy level literacynet.org/cnnsf/instructor.html
Literacy Works - web-delivered instruction using current and past CNN and CBS news stories literacyworks.org/learningresources/
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