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Professional Development: National and local organizations, conferences, events and workshops, and information for CCSF faculty on applying for salary column movement based on the AFT contract.
CCSF Resources
Join the CCSF Basic Skills Mailing List - just send an e-mail to the Committee Listserv:
CCSF Professional Development site - workshops and training programs for CCSF faculty and staff
Reflective Teaching Project - faculty-led project providing a framework for teachers to meet and assist one another on issues of shared concern
S.C.A.N.S. - Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
CCSF Multicultural Infusion Project - resources for faculty to revamp curricula and teaching methods to increase focus on multicultural issues
Teachers' Resource Center - assistance center for noncredit ESL and ABE instructors at CCSF
Technology Learning Center - technology training and support for CCSF faculty and staff
Salary column movement for faculty - see Article 20 of the Collective bargaining Agreement between CCSF and AFT Local 2121:
National and Local Organizations
Teaching and Learning Centers in the US - a comprehensive list
AACC - American Association of Community Colleges
AEE - Association for Experiential Education
ANN - Adult Numeracy Network: national organization dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level
CAS - Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education
CASTL - Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
CATESOL - a professional association representing teachers of English language learners in California
CRLA - College Reading and Learning Association
CSS - Center for Student Success in the California Community Colleges
CTC - Critical Thinking Community: a professional development model that fosters critical thinking
HCC - Faculty Development at Honolulu Community College - League for Innovation in the Community Colleges
NADE - National Association for Developmental Education
NCDE - National Center for Developmental Education
NCLCA - National College Learning Center Association
NTA - National Tutoring Association
TESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc
TIDE - Technology Institute for Developmental Educators
Teaching & Learning Journals, Publications and Mailing Lists
LISTSERVS - of interest to teachers of basic skills students
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Newsletter - bi-annual newsletter of the Sociiety for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
CEPM - Clearinghouse on Educational Policy and Management: publications and newsletter
The Chronicle of Higher Education - the most comprehensive journal for college and university educators
Positive Pedagogy - online journal of articles on successful and innovative practices in higher education
New York Times Knowledge Network - NYT faculty development service: education in the news
Inside Higher Education - an online news source for higher education
George Mason University - Inventio: Creative Thinking about Learning and Teaching
Community College Week Online - topics of interest to community college faculty and administrators
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning - subscription for hard copy
National Teaching and Learning Forum - higher education newsletter, hardcopy subscriptions only
TRLD News - higher education newsletter, hardcopy subscriptions only an oline newsletter of the Technology, Reading and Learning Diversity Conference
Focus on Basics- a quarterly publication of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) featuring best practices, current research and policy
Conferences, Workshops and Special Courses
College Reading and Learning Association - CRLA annual conference
National Institute in Reading Apprenticeship - training conferences by experienced leaders in adolescent literacy and professional development
National Multicultural Institute Conference - a gathering of professionals from around the world to explore diversity and multiculturalism in both personal and professional contexts
NADE Conference - National Association for Developmental Education
Grambling State University - graduate level online course, entitled "Learning Support Centers in Higher Education"
Grants and Awards
Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education - several instructional and organizational development awards
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching - Carnegie Scholar program in undergraduate education
Pew National Fellowship Program - fellowship program on the scholarship of teaching and learning
Fulbright Scholar Programs - lecture, research, and seminar opportunities in 130 countries for U.S. faculty and professionals
Council on International Educational Exchange - short-term, intensive overseas experiences for faculty and administrators
US Department of Education - international grants and award programs for postsecondary educators and administrators
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