Basic Skills Links
CCSF Basic Skills Initiative - Self-Assessment of Basic Skills Programs and Services
NADE - National Association for Developmental Education
NCDE - National Center for Developmental Education
    - exploring alternatives to remediation
TADE - Texas Association for Developmental Education
ILSADE - Illinois Learning Specialists and Developmental Educators
NCSALL - National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
Academic Senate for CA Community Colleges - survey of best practices in basic skills
Columbia University Teachers College Community College Research Center - academic preparedness and remediation
Tompkins Cortland Community College - creating a learning-centered environment, based on learning theory research
American Psychological Assn. - Claire Ellen Weinstein's ideas on strategic learning
    - teaching students how to learn
National Center for Educational Statistics - data on remedial course offerings at postsecondary institutions
Mt. San Antonio College - developmental education study group links
El Paso Community College - determining the effectiveness of developmental education
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