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Basic Skills Department Chairs mailbox phone e-mail address
Learning Assistance Department Nadine Rosenthal R207 452-5505
English Deptartment Jessica Brown L161 239-3407
ESL Deptartment Gregory Keech L248 239-3003
Math Deptartment Dennis Piontkowski L109 239-3478
Transitional Studies Department Jane Sneed JAD 551-1176
Vice Chancellors and Deans
Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs Alice Murillo C308 239-3322
Dean, Behavioral and Social Sciences Fred Chavaria A208 239-4174
Dean, Liberal Arts Bob Davis A301 239-3720
Dean, Math and Science David Yee S16 239-3669
Dean, Counseling & Student Support Lindy McKnight E206 239-3006
Retention Programs Dean and Department Chair
Retention Programs Dean Rose Marie Roberson C365 239-5257
Retention Programs Dept Chair Robert Clark R209 452-5341
Multicultural Infusion Project Coordinators
Co-Coordinator, MIP Suzanne Homer L155 239-3039
Co-Coordinator, MIP Lynda Hirose SW156 239-3155