Anonymous Evaluation Form

Instructions: Please answer the following questions as thoroughly and specifically as possible. Know that your answers will be posted confidentially; I will not know who sent them.

  1. If you were to give this online project a grade, it would be an

  2. I would recommend this online project to a friend.
    True False

  3. What did you like about this online project?

  4. What did you dislike about this online project?

  5. Online projects are different from traditional projects. What factor appealed to you most?
    Working at my own speed and convenience.
    One-on-one interaction with the instructor.
    Learning to use the Web for instructional purposes.
    The wealth of information available to me.
    None of the above.

  6. Please write a brief one sentence evaluation of this online project.

Print out this page and submit to your tutor manager.

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