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Job Search FAQ

Because of the current tight job market please use a variety of resources in your job search including the City College Career Development and Placement Center located at the Ocean Campus, in the Science Building, Room 127.

Do I have to write a cover letter when I apply for a job?

If you apply on your own, you'll need a good cover letter that targets the specific job you are applying for. When we forward your resume, you don't need a cover letter.
You can get help writing cover letters from City College Career Counselors. Call (415) 239-3117 for an appointment.

Do I need to send a thank you letter after an interview?

It can help you get the job. It shows you pay attention to detail and follow-through. It shows you are interested! And it is common courtesy.
A thank you letter is also an opportunity to restate your skills or emphasize something in your background. We have seen students hired over other applicants because of a thank-you letter.

Should I register with employment agencies?

Working with agencies will increase your opportunities for employment!
If you haven't worked for a while, or haven't used computer skills on the job, you might consider working in a temporary job. Many permanent jobs are available too. Most agencies do not charge a fee, but check to make sure.

Should I call you if I change my mind about going to an interview?

Always call the employer directly to cancel an interview in advance. Please don't be a "no-show"! We lose jobs orders when our students don't call an employer to cancel.

What If I got fired from my last job?

Each situation is different, and it helps to be able to talk comfortably about your situation in the interview. For individual help contact a Career Counselor at 239-3117, or our Job Developer at 561-1947.

Will you place me in a job?

It is always the employer who makes the decision about whom to interview and hire.

Can you tell me which employers receive my resume?

Sorry. We work with hundreds of students and employers, and don't have the resources to let you know each time we forward your resume.

When you get a call from an employer always ask for details about the job. This way you'll know if you're well matched to the job and be better prepared for the interview.

Can I get help writing my resume?

For free, professional resume help call the City College Career Center at 239-3117. We recommend a one-hour appointment with Karin Nelson.

How can I practice for interviews?

Career Counselors can help you with interview practice. Call 239-3117 to schedule an appointment.

How can I update my skills?

City College has a wide range of credit and noncredit classes and offers degrees and certificate programs in many fields. Free tutorials at employment agencies are another way to brush-up on software applications while increasing your employment options.