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Job Resources

Because of the current tight job market please be sure to use other resources to help you find employment.

City College Career Development and Placement Center
We especially recommend the Career Center for help with interview practice, resume writing, cover letters, and thank-you letters.
They can also help in many areas of job search and career counseling. The center is located at the Ocean Campus in the Science Building, Room 127. The phone number is 239-3117.

Web Sites
City College Career Connection - Subscribe for free and have job postings sent to your email. New jobs are posted regularly.
Craigslist - An excellent resource; the most important and popular site with San Francisco employers.

Placement Agencies
Many of our students have been hired into good, permanent jobs through agencies. They can be an excellent resource, and are usually free.

Temporary/Volunteer Jobs
If you haven't worked for a while, or haven't used computer skills on the job, you may want to start with a temporary job. Also consider a temporary or volunteer position while you are looking for permanent work. This can help keep your spirits up during job search, and help by adding current experience for your resume.

Calling Companies Directly
One of the most effective ways to find a job in a tight job market is called the "hidden job market". Contact our job developer Jennifer Norris, if you'd like help with this. She can be reached at (415) 561-1947 or at