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Microsoft has a lot of really good Web pages and videos to help ease into Word 2007.

Here's a pick-list:

Some other sources

Here are some of the best links I've been able to find:

Bad Habits in Word

If you're moving on to Word 2007 this is a good time to revamp your word-processing skills.

Ever have a lot of trouble lining up related items in columns across the page? Or wondered why your lines reformat strangely after you change margins? Or just suspected that there was a better way to do something in Word?

Here's a document [PDF] that can help.


Mail Merge 2007

I know, I always have to look it up, too. So I wrote my own document on how to do Mail Merge in Word 2007 Word - PDF


Common Word Concerns

In October 2008, folks in the library asked for some help with Word 2007. Here is my attempt to answer some of their concerns.

Summarized in a PDF


Word Styles

In Word 2007 Styles are placed front and center and are worth looking into.

For example: To make the No Spacing option stick for other documents, you must use Styles.


International Characters

Here's how to type common International characters on a Windows PC or a Mac.