PowerPoint and Accessibility: Teachers' (legal) obligations under Section 508

Section 508 mandates, among other things, that computer and web content for students provided by institutions like CCSF comply with guidelines that allow disabled students to access that content. Guidelines include:

Here's a detailed summary (on SlideShare.net):

Stephen Bouikidis, Avoiding the Target Trap: Creating Accessible Section 508 Compliant Content


LecShare: The best option for converting Presentations with narration to Web-friendly formats

Make sure your PowerPoint presentations are accessible and conform to 508 guidelines by checking them with the inexpensive LecShare program.

LecShare can also export your presentations to captioned Movies in QuickTime, or to Web pages that have a table of contents and text for your narration.

The LecShare site has examples. Here's one of mine (pardon the typos...)
PowerPoint and LecShare. LecShare is available in the 313 Batmale Faculty/Staff lab


Saving PowerPoint in other web-friendly formats

From the Save As menu in PowerPoint (accessibile from the Office Button in the 2007 version), you have several choices that work well on the web if you don't have sound. If you do have narration, LecShare is your best choice.

This page summarizes.

Here's how to save in these other formats [PowerPoint Show]

Note that the .pps extension for a PowerPoint Show becomes .ppsx if you you save in native PowerPoint 2007 format. This format requires that the viewer has the 2007 version of the program, or the viewer. You can also save as the older, more widely compatible .pps format from the Save As menu in PowerPoint 2007.

PowerPoint for the Web

PowerPoint Saved in different formats: Examples to view and download

Check out how these examples look in BOTH Internet Explorer and FireFox - and Safari and Opera if you have them available...


Presentations online

New websites allow you to post your PowerPoint , or even create PowePoint-like presentations (free - so far):

SlideShare.net: Make your PowerPoint's accessible on the Web in Flash format.

280Slides.com: Create PowerPoint-like presentations ON the web, using only your browser. Neat!