What you really need to know before you start

For all versions of PowerPoint. Common sense Do's and Don'ts essential to avoiding that amateur look.

A really good presentation!


PowerPoint : Online Training and help

PowerPoint 2007 logoMicrosoft

Microsoft has a lot of really good Web pages and videos to help ease into PowerPoint 2007. Here's a pick-list:

Some other sources

Here are some of the best links I've been able to find:

My Presentations

I have put together presentations that I use in my workshops. It's a bit odd, I suppose, but using a PowerPoint presentation to teach PowerPoint has a certain logic to it.

If you want an overview with step-by-step instructions on building a presentation, start here: PowerPoint Text and Graphics

To make a quick slide show out of a group of photos, try Making a PowerPoint Show.

For an Introduction to Animation, this presentation outlines the types and the first steps to introducing anmation into your presentations.


International Characters

Here's how to type common International characters on a Windows PC or a Mac.