Tools > Options and Tools > Customize now under the Options button

Excel Options ButtonWord Options button

The Options button appears at the bottom of the Office Button display in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

It allows you to change settings for the entire program and replaces the old Options and Customize choices on the Tools menu. Spend some time looking around Options to see where things are.


WOrd Options menuThis is Word's Options menu. Other applications' menus are similar, with some items tailored to the program (Excel has a Formulas entry, and Advanced options are also program-specific).

To get to AutoCorrect, for instance, open the Proofing area. Then you can add short abbreviations for phrases you have to type over and over to the AutoCorrect list so you never have to spell them out completely again.

In the Save area you can tell 2007 programs to save all your new documents in the old Office 97-2003 format.

Under Advanced you can increase the number of Recent Documents displayed when you click the Office button. Let Office keep track of your recent and not-so-recent work. A time-saver: Do it!.

Resources will quickly connect you to Microsoft Update and other Microsoft online pages. It's also where you can check on the exact version of the program that you have (the old Help > About screen).

Add-ins and Trust Center will be of less interest, since they depend on programs that are already installed or that CCSF hasn't contracted for (and that you probably don't have at home).


Most Useful Options

Under Popular:

Change the color scheme for the way Word, Excel or PowerPoint display.

Under Proofing:

Turn Check spelling as you type on and off (those wavy red lines under spelling errors).

Under Advanced:

In the Display section I love setting the Number of Recent Documents up to 50. That's the number of names of files that you worked on on that computer that display when you click the Office button. Open with a single click. Saves trying to find something I was working on a month ago.