File Menu > Office Button

The Office Button The old File menu has been replaced by the Office button. Click the button to:

  1. Open a file Save or
  2. Save As (to save under a new name, as another format or in a new location), or
  3. Print

The Office Button also contains the configuration options that used to be under the Tools > Options menu. See Configuration Options at the right.


Main Office Button Choices

Most choices are familiar from the old File menu. Although the illustration is from Word, Excel and PowerPoint have similar menus:

New starts a new document

Open allows you to browse to an existing file

Print allows you to choose a printer and to access Print Preview.

New Choices

Options button choices - Save As openUnder Save As (shown to the left), the most important choice is to save as a 97-2003 document. If you want to make your document available to others who may not have the 2007 suite (or the converter), use this choice.

For new documents the program will automatically save in 2007 format, which can't be opened in earlier versions. To save in the backwardly-compatible 97-2003 format, you have to choose Save As.

Note: The PDF format will not be available unless you have downloaded the (free) add-in, available at —the add-in works with all Office 2007 applications.




When An Office 2007 program opens a file created in an earlier Office version, you'll see [Compatibility Mode] across the top of the screen. When you save, the file will be automatically saved in the older format unless you use the Convert option. Convert saves the document in the new Office 2007 format (with the new .docx extension).


You can Encrypt a document, which enables you to add a password. Most of the other options on this menu require extra programs that we don't have at CCSF.

Configuration Options

In addition to its main choices, the Office Button menu contains the configuration and setup choices that used to be available under Tools > Options or Tools > Customize . These (and more) are now found under the Options button at the bottom right of the Office button display.