Inserting Graphics

Word 2007's Insert tab - Illustrations group
Now on the Insert tab, the Insert Picture and Insert Clip Art options are available as before—but now there is a lot of new Clip Art and a streamlined connection with Microsoft’s online Clip Art repository.

The other options in the Illustrations group have also been beefed up.

Once you have an image in your document, you can play with it using Office 2007's upgraded Picture Tools .

To Edit a picture in an Office 2007 document, click to select the picture.

Picture tools tab

Picture tools


Click the Shapes icon on the Insert tab; then click a shape to draw it on your documents. OK, so most of them were on the old Drawing toolbar—now they are much more accessible. And once you’ve drawn one on your page clicking on it brings up the Drawing tools tab giving you quick access to colors, gradients, shadows and many other enhancements.


Arranged by category to illustrate process, cycle, hierarchy, these shapes can help you represent ideas graphically:

Some SmartArt choices

Clicking a SmartArt shape on your page displays a tab with many tools to configure it easily—for example, you can pick a pre-configured color or gradient for your shape.

When you highlight any of the shapes, the Help block on the right explains what the shape was designed for and provides tips on the amount of text it can effectively deal with.

A single click on a shape brings up the help box, Double-clicking inserts the shape.

And, no worries, you can always easily change to another shape.

Here's a SmartArt Graphic after a little tweaking—more interesting than a standard bulletted list, isn't it?:

SmartArt in Action

Tip: In PowerPoint, right-clicking on a bulleted list presents the option of converting it to a SmartArt shape. Try it!


Now Excel’s (improved) charting module is available from the Insert tab in Word and PowerPoint as well as Excel 2007. There is a wide variety of chart types, colors and configurations. And it’s easy to change your mind, so you can see what style best conveys your message.
Don't be afraid to try it!