Tabs and tools when you need them

Some commands only appear when you need them. For example, Picture or chart tools only appear when you click on a picture or chart in your document. When you are working on the picture or chart, the tools are visible. If you click away from the picture or chart, they disappear. To make them visible again, click the picture or chart again.

The actual tools do not appear, but their tab appears above the ribbon. Click that tab to bring the tools into view. Clicking away from the picture will make these tabs and tools disappear. Here ’s an example of the Picture Tools tab from Word:

Picture tools tab

Picture tools

The popup formatting toolbar (aka the Ghostly Toolbar)

When you double- or triple-click to highlight text in Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2007, you’ll see a ghostly toolbar if you look carefully (really). To make it fade into reality from its ghostly status, move your cursor into it. It provides quick formatting choices.

Or, you can see the same toolbar along with many other choices by highlighting text and then right-clicking on the highlighted area.

.The contextual formatting toolbar