Avoiding the mouse in Office 2007

Keyboard shortcuts after pressing Alt If you need to avoid using the mouse or just like the convenience of keeping your hands on the keyboard, you'll like the new keyboard interface built into the main Office 2007 apps.

For some reason, Microsoft has renamed Keyboard shortcuts Key Tips in Office 2007. Whatever. Useful to know if you are searching in Office 2007 Help.

Activating Key Tips

Press the Alt key.

As in the illustration, highlighted letters and numbers will appear on all tabs and commands as well as on the Office button.

Press the letter or number key indicated to continue. To open the Office Button adccording to the illustration, for example, you would press the letter F. More key designations appear as you proceed.

Pretty nifty!

And the old keyboard shortcuts still work.

All the old shortcuts and more: http://www.uwec.edu/help/Office07/shortcut.htm and http://www.keyxl.com/aaa367b/5/Microsoft-Word-keyboard-shortcuts.htm

Online help

Microsoft’s keyboard tutorial: http://tinyurl.com/2u4mvz


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