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Accessibility: The keyboard

Office 2007 at CCSF

Office 2007 LogoAt present (Fall 2010) Office 2007 is available at several campuses and at selected student labs that support classes in Office 2007. The suite is installed on newly issued computers and is available in the Faculty/Staff computer lab, Batmale 313, Ocean campus.


Faculty/Staff: Buying Office 2007 for Home Use

CCSF employees may purchase the latest Microsoft Office suite (PC or Mac) for home use for about $50.00 (a tremendous savings) through the Microsoft agreement at the foundation for Community Colleges.


Online Tutlorial Modules for CCSF

We contract with an online help provider. The Virtual Training Company has excellent courses on all Office 2007 programs available online. They are at

You must have the CCSF Login and Password to get access to the site: come in to the Batmale 313 Lab M-F 9-4 or call the Help Desk (239-3711) for the password.

VTC breaks down their training into easily digestible video modules that you can access from any Internet-connected computer with a reasonably fast connection.


Updates and Extras

Go here to find updates to Office 2007 applications. Good to visit regularly.

You have to use the Internet Explorer browser to get to the most convenient office update site (checks forthe updates you have and automatically provides download links for those you don't).

Browse through free Clip Art— Drawings, Photos and more to download for free to your local Clip Art Gallery

Templates for the main Office 2007 programs and more. From Awards and Budgets to Flyers, Resumes/CVs and Forms.

Compatibility problems

Important! Office 2007 applications in their native mode save files with new extensions in new formats. Older version of Office can't open these formats.

How do you deal with sending these files to students or colleagues who may not have Office 2007?

How do you open 2007 files when you don't have Office 2007?



Download problems

You have posted some documents in Office 2007 format to a web site. Now some of your students are complaining that they can't open the files even though they have Office 2007. What gives?