The most useful features for non-experts:

Freeze panes

You remember going to the old Window menu so that you could freeze the top row or left column while you scooted around your data? I had to look it up in Help for the first 2 years because I could never remember. No longer.

On the View tab, you now have the Freeze Panes icon right up front to do the same thing.

Insert icon: Home tab

Home tab: New command icons to insert Rows, Columns, and Sheets. Demo: Inserting a column.

Print View icon, View tab

View tab: See how your Excel print area will print by using a new View like the Print View in Word

Wrap Text icon

You use the new Office button in Excel to Open a file, to Print, and to changes settings - Options - for Excel. A lot of other common tasks are done differently, too.

Excel ptions button

You also start at the Office Button to configure your copy of Excel. This is like the old Tools Menu, Options choice plus more. Here are some of the configuration possibilities.

Getting Started

Here's a PDF from the University of Liverpool with tips on moving from the old versions of Excel to the new one.

International Characters

Here's how to type common International characters on a Windows PC or a Mac.