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What is LecShare?

LecShare is an inexpensive program designed to work on PowerPoint files and help you, the author, make accessible materials. That can mean a native PowerPoint file, HTML pages or a QuickTime movie exported through LecShare from your PowerPoint.

LecShare also helps you record audio narration by presenting the script in your PowerPoint notes pages as prompts. When you export, LecShare creates captions from the script in your notes. The result is fully 508-compliant HTML or QuickTime content for your classes. You can upload the HTML files or link to the QuickTime movie on your web site.

The Technology Leaning Center lab (313 Batmale Hall, Ocean campus) has 4 copies of Lecshare available for your use. For LecShare pricing for your own use, see their web site.

The goal is Accessibility

Here's what the LecShare folks say about their motivation and goals for creating LecShare Pro:

LecShare, Inc. was formed to meet the needs of the accessibility communities in higher education settings, but our commitment does not stop at higher education. We are committed to serving anyone who has an interest in making the Internet accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to make the creation of accessible online content as easy as possible, especially online narrated presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is the preferred tool of many educators and presenters in creating and delivering their lectures, so we designed LecShare and LecShare Pro around what they already know how to use.

Program Capabilities

You can use LecShare simply to check on accessibil9ity inside PowerPoint. Or you can add the text of any audio narration to PowerPoint's Notes view, and have LecShare act as a prompter to help you record timed audio.

LecShare can:

  • Check your PowerPoint file for accessibility. You can make most changes in LecShare, or return to PowerPoint and add Alt Text or other features there.
  • Help you add audio to your PowerPoint file in preparation for export
  • Export your finished presentation to accessible HTML, complete with sound, as a captioned QuickTime movie,or as mp4 video for use as an enhanced podcast.
  • Automatically time and caption your exported HTML or QuickTime movie version of your PowerPoint file.

Sample files

The LecShare site has examples of all export formats. Here are some of mine::

Steps in creating accessible PowerPoint and Web content

  1. Create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Save.
  2. Open LecShare and open the PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Check each slide for accessibility problems. Correct the problems inside LecShare.
  4. Resave your now-accessible PowerPoint. The corrections will save back into PowerPoint.
  5. Record the audio for each slide if you want.
  6. Export your presentation to the desired formats.

If your presentation is going to contain audio it is best to type your transcript into the Lecturer's Notes section in Microsoft PowerPoint before processing it with LecShare Pro. LecShare Pro uses the Lecturer's Notes to create audio presentations that meet Section 508 accessibility requirements. Also, the Lecturer's Notes will be used to present a script for you as you record your audio.
If you want audio in your presentation and you do not include your transcript in the Lecturer's Notes before processing your presentation with LecShare Pro you will need to do the following to ensure your presentation meets Section 508 requirements:

  1. Save your work and exit LecShare Pro.
  2. Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. Enter the transcript for each slide in the Lecturer's Notes section.
  4. Save your work and exit Microsoft PowerPoint.
  5. Reopen your presentation in LecShare Pro.
  6. Record (or import) the audio for each slide.
  7. Export your presentation to the desired formats.

For full instructions, download the brief manual [PDF]

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