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CCSF's Contribute project, the brainchild of Patricia Delich and Barbara Stewart working with a grant from SBC, is starting this semester (Fall 2004). The project gives 15 CCSF faculty easy-to-update web pages standardized using pre-designed templates.

The underlying design software is Macromedia's Dreamweaver. But participants use a product called Contribute, which limits access to editable portions of the template designs (so folks can't "break" the look of the pages).

Initial documents for the project:

bullet Installing your key - with instructions on using Contribute on different computers
bullet Using Contribute - CCSF details to supplement the Peachpit Press book on
Contribute 2
bullet Macromedia's PDF document on using Contribute 2 (36 Pages)


Barbara Stewart and Vic Fascio:
last updated 08/16/2004