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In 2002-2004 a Desktop Upgrade project rolled out almost 2000 new and refurbished computers to all full time faculty and staff at all campuses of City College and provided computer access to part-timers. Chancellor Day initiated the project to create an environment with unified hardware, operating systems and applications in which faculty and staff can use technology efficiently and effectively.

Getting your Computer/GroupWise Email/Network Accounts

A few groups may not yet have participated in the Desktop Upgrade:

bulletNew Hires
bulletThose on sick/disability leave or on sabbatical

In order to be able to use a CCSF computer (Mac or PC) and to receive a GroupWise email account these arrangements have been made:

Windows XP desktop users:

CCSF Faculty or Staff (full- or part-time) using Windows computers can either:


1.      Attend a Technology Learning Center (TLC) Getting Your Accounts or GroupWise Windows or Web basics workshop  The TLS workshop schedule is available at (click the Training link).


2.      Obtain from an ITS staff person or call the Help Desk (415.239.4711) a Request for CCSF Network Login and GroupWise Email form.
Submit it as directed on the form  in order to open the following CCSF accounts:

Ł     A CCSF Windows network (Active Directory) account. This account enables logging into any networked Faculty/Staff Windows computer on any CCSF campus.


Ł     GroupWise email account, accessible from any computer (Windows or Mac) via the Internet Explorer browser. (A more full-featured Windows-only program is also available on Faculty/Staff Windows computers within the CCSF network).

Macintosh users:

Faculty or Staff who want to use a shared iMac in a teacherís lounge or common area or who have a Mac on their office desk top should call the Help Desk (239-3711) to set up personal accounts on the CCSF Mac(s) that they designate.

Mac users should attend a GroupWise Web basics workshop and/or  submit the Request for CCSF Network Login and GroupWise Email form before requesting a Mac account.

Continuing training

bulletThe Technology Learning Center regularly gives computer workshops, on or before Flex.
bulletWatch the TLC Workshops link ( to see whatís in store.
bulletThe TLC will offer shortened initial training in GroupWise and logging into CCSF computers on an ongoing basis. Check our Web site ( for details and online documents.

New Computers

Departments needing computers after the desktop upgrade must make provisions to purchase them with departmental funds. Contact purchasing for details of the process.

Barbara Stewart and Vic Fascio:
last updated 07/23/2004