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Configuring GroupWise

Setting A GroupWise Font Windows only  [Word]
These steps set a readable font for sent and received messages in GroupWise. This method prevents you from using HTML formatting when you send messages. However, it also prevents GroupWise from closing unexpectedly or truncating forwarded messages because of a conflict with a Microsoft upgrade glitch for Windows XP.

Using the Calendar features in GroupWise

Calendaring in the Web client (Mac and Windows)

Calendaring in the Windows client (Windows only)

GroupWise contains a full-featured calendar that you can access by sending special GroupWise message types:

bulletAppointments (Enable you to specify a date, time, and location with an accompanying message to yourself or to one or more people inside the CCSF GroupWise system)
bulletTasks (Send to yourself or others to set up a to-do list giving task, start and due dates)
bulletReminder Notes (Enter recipients' calendars showing the subject line on the date you specify-or just send to yourself)

Setting reminders (Windows only)
Shows how to have GroupWise pop up timed reminders for meetings entered in your calendar, and to inform you when a new message arrives.

Giving other people access to your email (Windows only)

You may want a secretary, member of a committee, or co-worker to  access all or part or your email. You may want to limit access to just your calendar, or make them able to answer email as though they were you. It's all possible using GroupWise's Proxy features.

Setting up a Vacation Message (Windows and Mac)

Have GroupWise automatically reply to those sending email while you're on that sabbatical in Tahiti. Simple!

Archiving messages to your hard disk (Windows only)

Your GroupWise Mailbox threatens to exceed the 250 MB limit: what can you do? Save as many messages as you want to your computer's hard disk and take them off the GroupWise server (and subtract them from the count for your mailbox size).

Barbara Stewart and Vic Fascio:
last updated 07/23/2004