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 Home Health Aide/Nurse Assistant (CNA)

What will this program do for me?
Upon completion of this program you will be eligible for a State Certificate as a Home Health Aide.

What kind of job can I get once I complete the program?
You can get a job with a home care agency or nurse registry and receive client care assignments in client's homes.

How much can I earn in this career?
$12-$15/hr. Please refer to Occupational Outlook Handbook for current information on salary and job prospects.

How long will the program take?
2-9 weeks.

Where will classes be held?
The two-week class is held at City College Southeast Campus, 1800 Oakdale Avenue. Applicants must have current nurse's assistant certificates in order to enroll. The 8-week course is held at the City College Southeast Campus, 1800 Oakdale Avenue. There is also a nine-week bilingual English/Chinese Home Health Program which is open for enrollment by all.

Where do I get more information?
Call (415) 550-4344.

What time of day are classes offered?
7:00am - 2:30pm Monday through Thursday.

When do classes start?
Each January and August for the John Adams Program. Course schedules vary for the Southeast and Chinatown Programs.

How do I enroll?
Call (415) 550-4344.

What are the requirements for certification?
Completion of the curriculum.

How much money can I expect to spend?
Approximately $150 including tuition and fees. Please refer to Tuition Information for specifics on costs. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. You may also call the Financial Aid Office at (415) 239-3576.

Program Curriculm Course Description

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