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Before you begin:
  1. Open Internet Explore or Firefox
  2. Log onto
    ** Or simply click here **

  1. Type in your Student ID or Social Security Number as User ID, and PIN is your 6-digit date of birth. For example, Jan 2nd 1990 will be 010290.

WebSTAR Login Page

If you do not see the following screen, jump to step 8
  1. For security purposes, you are required to change your PIN from your date of birth to another 6-digit number when you log in to WebSTAR/Web4 for the first time.
    Valid PIN:  123456
    Invalid PIN: 12345, or 1234567, or 123abc(Numbers only)
  2. Click on the Login button.

Change Pin

Go to step 8 if you do not see the following screen.

Use the Security Question and Answer you are going to create to reset your PIN yourself without calling of assistance if you ever forget your PIN.

Hint: To help you to remember your answer, keep it short, limit spaces, and do not use special characters. Your answer is limited to 30 characters.
  1. Enter your personalize Security Question, along with the Answer
  2. Click on Submit

  1. Click on Student Service & Financial Aid

Login Main Menu

  1. Click on Registration

Student Services & Finacial Aid

  1. Click on Add/Drop Classes

Registration Menu

  1. Select a term

Select Term Menu

If you do not see the screen below, go to next step.

Declare Major Menu

  1. Look up CRN number(s) for the class(es) you wish to take for the semester
  2. enter the CRN number(s)
  3. click on Submit Changes when you are done

Add/Drop Classes Worksheet

  1. If you see this page, congratulations! You are officially registered

Add/Drop Classes Worksheet

Admissions & Records  |  Registration Center  |  Tuition & Fees   |   Important Dates

Registration Center, Smith Hall Room 118, 50 Phelan Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112
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