AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Summer 2018More Info & Table of Contents
1400 EVANS 415-550-4409
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AUTO  49   Auto Body Maintenance/Detail                   2.0
53574 322 L/L M W F 08:00-01:30PM 06/13-07/18 1400 Evans Av U103 Higginbotham, A Deadlines Final Book
AUTO 49 is offered under CCSF/SFUSD Early Release Program dual enrollment contract agreement and is open to SFUSD students.
AUTO 50 Intro: Automotive Mechanics 3.0
ADVISE: MATH E1 or MATH E3 or MATH 30 or placement in MATH 40; ENGL 91 or ENGL 86 or ESL 150 or placement in ENGL 95 or ENGL 88 or ESL 160
53562 321 L/L M WR 09:40-11:10AM 06/11-08/08 1400 Evans Av  Barone, A Deadlines Final Book  Ryan, M  Saunders, A M WR 02:00-03:30PM 06/11-08/08  Barone, A T 09:40-11:10AM 06/11-08/08  Barone, A
AUTO 50 is offered under Enrollment Contract Agreement and is open to San Francisco City and County Pre-Apprentices Program.