AFRICAN AMERICAN SCHOLASTIC PRSummer 2016More Info & Table of Contents
LIBR 209 415-452-5315
The Summer bridge program is open to all students. For more information contact The African Scholastic Program at 415-452-5315.
How To Read The Class Listing DATES ENROLLMENT CRN SEQ TYPE DAYS TIMES BEG-END ADDRESS or BLDG ROOM INSTRUCTOR STATUS MATH 30 Prealgebra with Basic Math 4.0 53110 361 L/C MTWR 09:30-01:00PM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av A303 Fredericks, J Deadlines Final Book PSYC 26 Applied Psychology 3.0 52342 001 Lec MTWR 10:10-12:15PM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av U414 Clark, R Deadlines Final Book