CDEV (Child Dev/Family Studies)Summer 2017More Info & Table of Contents
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CDEV  41T  Early Autism Spectrum Disorder                 1.0
 53280 601 Lec  SAT  09:00-05:30PM 07/08-07/15               MUB  A261  Dawgert-Carlin, J  Deadlines Final Book  WAIT LIST 
This class meets two Saturdays only: 7/8 and 7/15.
CDEV 46 Interactions (CLASS) 1.0 53135 601 Lec SAT 09:10-03:00PM 06/17-07/01 MUB A251 Allis, M Deadlines Final Book
This class meets only 6/17, 6/24 and 7/1 (3 Saturdays). This class covers the Early Care and Education Using the classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS).
53136 651 Lec SAT 09:10-03:00PM 06/17-07/01 1125 Valencia St. A162 Quinn, E Deadlines Final Book
This class is located at Mission Center. This class is taught by an instructor proficient in Spanish and English. This class meets Saturday 6/17, 6/24 and 7/1/17. This class covers the Early Care and Education using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS).
CDEV 72 Supervised Fieldwork in ECE 3.0
Repeat: CDEV 71, 72, 75, 78, 86, AND 114 COMBINED, maximum credit: 16 units PREREQ.: CDEV 53, 65, 66 and 67 ADVISE: ESL 130 or ENGL 91 or placement in ESL 140 or ENGL 92 or 95 This class requires 90 hours of fieldwork in approved ECE sites
53243 601 Exp SAT 09:10-01:20PM 06/12-07/22 MUB A255 Norman, S Deadlines Final Book HOURS ARR 06/12-07/22  Norman, S
This class also requires an additional 90 hours of fieldwork. Students will be placed at Mentor sites. Required: TB clearance, pertussis and measles vaccines to work with children. Proof of influenza vaccine or statement declaring you decline to take the influenza vaccine will be required. Contact your health provider or the CCSF student health center immediately upon enrolling in this course.
CDEV 125 Children's Emotional Developme 1.0
ADVISE: ESL 130 or ENGL 91 or placement in ESL 140 or ENGL 92 or 95
52865 601 Lec SAT 09:10-05:00PM 07/01-07/08 MUB A238 Luckey, B Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE
This class meets 7/1 and 7/8.