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ENGL  91   Intro to Basic Reading/Writing                 6.0
PREREQ.: ENGL L or placement in ENGL 91
53132 361 Com MTWRF 09:40-01:00PM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av U507 King, A Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE IDST 50 College Success 3.0 53129 361 Lec MTWR 08:40-10:45AM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av U509 Wise, K Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE
IDST 50 (361) is part of the Summer Bridge program and is open to all students. For more information contact The African American Scholastic Program at 415-452-5315.
LI S 10 Use of Information Resources 1.0
ADVISE: ESL 150 or placement in ESL 160
53125 361 Lec M W 08:10-09:30AM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av U402 Brown, L Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE MATH 30 Prealgebra with Basic Math 4.0 53110 361 L/C MTWR 09:30-01:00PM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av A303 Fredericks, J Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE PSYC 26 Applied Psychology 3.0 52342 001 Lec MTWR 10:10-12:15PM 06/13-07/22 1800 Oakdale Av U414 Clark, R Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST