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EMT   14   Adv First Aid & Basic Life Sup                 2.0
Students enrolled in this course will be assessed a $5 lab/material fee for CPR and First Aid cards.
52901 001 Lec T R 10:00-01:50PM 06/14-07/12 1860 Hayes St A47 Hernandez, C Deadlines Final Book EMT 100 Emergency Medical Tech I 8.0
53123 001 L/C MTWRF 09:00-11:50AM 06/13-07/21 1860 Hayes St A47 Corry, M Deadlines Final Book MTWRF 12:30-03:20PM 06/13-06/17 1860 Hayes St A47 Corry, M MTWRF 12:30-04:50PM 06/20-07/21 1860 Hayes St  Allen, K  Bernstein, A  Byrne, M  Cavanaugh, J  Corry, M  Fazackerley, J  Fluke, M  Harvey, P  Kinsbourne, S  Warner, R EMTP 130 Clinical and Field Internship 12.0
52899 001 L/L HOURS ARR 06/13-12/31 1860 Hayes St  Corry, M Deadlines Book  Ford, N  Kimbrel, R  Kinsbourne, S  Staff HCT 82 Pro. Practice Internship 5.0
PREREQ.: MED 56, 70, 71, and HIT 50B Repeat: Max. credit: 16 units
52862 348 C/L MTWRF 09:00-11:50AM 06/06-06/10 1860 Hayes St A301 Fiore, L Deadlines Final Book  Rincon, D F 09:00-12:20PM 06/17-07/29 1860 Hayes St A301 Rincon, D HOURS ARR 06/06-07/29 1860 Hayes St  Staff HIT 50A Medical Terminology I 3.0 51795 201 Lec M W F 09:00-02:35PM 06/13-07/01 1860 Hayes St A129 Guichard, M Deadlines Final Book