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ASAM  20   Asian Amer Exprnc Since 1820                   3.0
 51431 451 Lec MTWR  10:00-12:05PM 06/12-07/21 808 Kearny Street  A1304 Hom, A             Deadlines Final Book
Examination of United States history and government through the experience of immigrant groups from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and India. Fulfills many requirements.
ENGL 88B College Reading and Writing 3.0
ENGL 88A + 88B = ENGL 88 PREREQ.: ENGL 88A or placement in ENGL 88B; ENGL 95; ENGL 93
53305 341 Com M W 06:00-09:30PM 06/12-07/30 808 Kearny Street A1304 Smith, M Deadlines Final Book FASH A Introduction to Sewing 1.0 53278 341 L/L F 10:00-02:20PM 06/12-07/30 808 Kearny Street A703 Jackson, J Deadlines Final Book MATH 80 Probability and Statistics 4.0
PREREQ.: MATH 92 or 60 or 860
52497 541 Lec MTWR 06:00-08:20PM 06/12-07/30 808 Kearny Street A1301 Nguyen, S Deadlines Final Book