FIRE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY Spring 2016More Info & Table of Contents
BATL 213 415-239-3202
 How To Read The Class Listing        DATES                                                                     ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES        BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG  ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                STATUS

F SC  17   Publ Safety-Emerg Med Response                 3.0
 32805 551 Lec    R  06:30-09:20PM             1125 Valencia St.  A271  Long, W            Deadlines Final Book
                                                                        Payne, N                               

F SC  50   Intro to Fire Science                          3.0
 31246 001 Lec  T R  09:40-10:55AM                          BATL  U222  Juratovac, N       Deadlines Final Book 
 31748 501 Lec M     06:40-09:30PM                          BATL  U222  Dito, D            Deadlines Final Book
                                                                        Yee, T                                 

F SC  51A  Fire Tactics & Strategy                        3.0
 34884 501 Lec   W   06:30-09:20PM 01/19-05/26              BATL  U222  Tuiasosopo, J      Deadlines Final Book

F SC  53   Bldg. Construction and Fire                    3.0
 31232 001 Lec  T R  08:10-09:25AM                          BATL  U222  Skinner, J         Deadlines Final Book 

F SC  57   Principles of Fire Emerg Svcs                  3.0
34309 501 Lec T 06:10-09:00PM BATL U222 Skinner, J Deadlines Final Book F SC 62 Rescue Practices 3.0 35061 001 Lec T R 11:00-12:15PM BATL U222 Yee, T Deadlines Final Book F SC 74A Training Instructor 1A 2.0 37113 001 Lec TWR 08:30-05:00PM 02/16-02/24 SF Airport U008 Long, W Deadlines Final Book
Class meets Tuesday 2/16/16, Wednesday 2/17/16, Thursday 2/18/16, Tuesday 2/23/16 and Wednesday 2/24/16.
F SC 105B Fire Training Work Experience 1.0
PREREQ.: F SC 50 Repeat: F SC 105 A, B, C, D, and E combined, maximum credit: 7 units
36089 001 Exp HOURS ARR  Long, W Deadlines Book
F SC 105B required concurrent enrollment with F SC 111. Add stickers will be issued for F SC 105B when F SC 111 CRN 32663 meets on January, 12, 2015 at the Airport Campus at 6 PM, Classroom 008, North Access Road, South San Francisco 94128.
F SC 105E Fire Training Work Experience 2.0
PREREQ.: F SC 50 Repeat: F SC 105 A, B, C, D, and E combined, maximum credit: 7 units
37112 001 Exp HOURS ARR  Krishpinovich, N Deadlines Book  Long, W
All class meetings are mandatory and meet at CCSF Airport Campus (classroom #8) from 5-7 p.m.; Tuesday 1/12/16 (Orientation-Assignments are made); Wednesday 3/9/16 (Resume writing seminar-1st semester students only); Friday 5/13/16 (Collect reports and equipment). NOTE: EMT and Fire Academy graduation are required for Firehouse Assignments. Required attendance is one day per week (10 hours) commitment for seventeen weeks. NO weekend assignments. For further details, go to:
F SC 106 High Rise Fire Safety Director 1.5
ADVISE: ENGL 90 or ESL 150 or placement in ENGL 92 or ESL 82 or 160
34885 451 Lec W 09:00-11:50AM 01/20-03/16 808 Kearny Street A1401 Murray, T Deadlines Final Book
This class meets Wednesdays only on Jan. 20, 27, Feb.3, 10, 17, 24, and March 2, 9 and 16, 2016.
F SC 111 Firefighter One Academy 13.5
PREREQ.: F SC 17 or EMT 100+102; and F SC 50, 55, 62, and PE 29 COREQ.: F SC 105A or 105B ADVISE: F SC 52A or 53 or 55 or 57 or 61A or 64
32663 601 L/L T R 06:00-09:50PM SF Airport  Chung, J Deadlines Book  Connors, J  Dea, E  Dito, D  Fennell, M  Fernandez, S  Finnegan, S  Grimaldi, J  Hom, A  Horta, M  Jalbert, S  Juratovac, N  Krieger, A  Krishpinovich, N  Kwan, T  Long, W  O'Leary, H  Paratley, A  Payne, N  Rabbitt, P  Samson, M  Sato, J  Skinner, J  Styles, R  Tin, M  Tuiasosopo, J  Yee, T SAT 08:00-11:50AM SF Airport  Connors, J SAT 01:00-05:50PM SF Airport  Connors, J
There will be a MANDATORY pre-academy required meeting on Monday: 1/18/16 from 6-10pm at the Airport Campus Room 8. Students enrolled in F SC 111 or attempting to add F SC 111 MUST be present for this meeting. F SC 105B required concurrent enrollment, add stickers will be issued with F SC 111 first night of fire academy on 1/19/16. F SC 105B-001 is for F SC 111 students only. F SC 50,F SC 55 PE 29, F SC 17 or EMT enforced as pre-requisites. Saturday or additional sessions will meet on additional dates as required. Additional State Fire Training FSTEP courses built into F SC 111 and require additional SFT cost compliance.
PE 29 Firefighting & Publ Sfty Cond 2.0 35193 001 L/L M W F 06:10-07:00PM 01/19-05/26 WELL A103 Balano, J Deadlines Final Book