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F SC 111   Firefighter One Academy                       13.5
PREREQ.: F SC 17 or EMT 100+102; and F SC 50, 55, 62, and PE 29 COREQ.: F SC 105A or 105B ADVISE: F SC 52A or 53 or 55 or 57 or 61A or 64
32663 601 L/L T R 06:00-09:50PM SF Airport  Chung, J Deadlines Book  Connors, J  Dea, E  Dito, D  Fennell, M  Fernandez, S  Finnegan, S  Grimaldi, J  Hom, A  Horta, M  Jalbert, S  Juratovac, N  Krieger, A  Krishpinovich, N  Kwan, T  Long, W  O'Leary, H  Paratley, A  Payne, N  Rabbitt, P  Samson, M  Sato, J  Skinner, J  Styles, R  Tin, M  Tuiasosopo, J  Yee, T SAT 08:00-11:50AM SF Airport  Connors, J SAT 01:00-05:50PM SF Airport  Connors, J
There will be a MANDATORY pre-academy required meeting on Monday: 1/18/16 from 6-10pm at the Airport Campus Room 8. Students enrolled in F SC 111 or attempting to add F SC 111 MUST be present for this meeting. F SC 105B required concurrent enrollment, add stickers will be issued with F SC 111 first night of fire academy on 1/19/16. F SC 105B-001 is for F SC 111 students only. F SC 50,F SC 55 PE 29, F SC 17 or EMT enforced as pre-requisites. Saturday or additional sessions will meet on additional dates as required. Additional State Fire Training FSTEP courses built into F SC 111 and require additional SFT cost compliance.