AAPS (Academic Achievement & Success)Spring 2016More Info & Table of Contents
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AAPS 104   Student Success Seminar                        0.5
 36773 001 Lec     F 09:10-01:25PM 02/19-02/26               MUB  A370  Osborne, E         Deadlines Final Book  SPACE AVAILABLE 
 32620 601 Lec  SAT  09:10-01:25PM 03/05-03/12               MUB  A180  Wong, T            Deadlines Final Book  SPACE AVAILABLE 
Emphasis on specific study strategies for students on probation 1 and 2.
36772 602 Lec SAT 08:10-05:00PM 03/12-03/12 MUB A170 Martinez, A Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE AAPS 1111 Orient to Noncr Cert Programs 0.0 46039 349 NCr F 08:10-11:20AM 04/08-05/06 1860 Hayes St. A100 Wong, J Book SPACE AVAILABLE