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HIST   1   The U.S. Since 1900                            3.0
 34327 501 Lec M     06:30-09:20PM                          CLOU  U261  Palter Palman, T   Deadlines Final Book
 30354 502 Lec  T    06:30-09:20PM                          CLOU  U258  Moreno, E          Deadlines Final Book

HIST   9   Immigrants in American History                 3.0
 38164 581 Lec  T    06:30-09:20PM             88 4th St.         U818  Villaraza, L       Deadlines Final Book
HIST 9-SEC 581 is a Working Adults Degree Program class. Please check our website for more information: www.ccsf.edu/WADP or call: 415-452-6573.
HIST 12A US Women's History to 1880s 3.0 30363 501 Lec W 06:30-09:20PM BATL U553 Adams, M Deadlines Final Book HIST 17A The United States 3.0
HIST 17A covers from the pre-colonial period to the end of the Civil War.
37036 501 Lec R 06:30-09:20PM ART U313 Adams, J Deadlines Final Book HIST 18A Colonial Hist of Latin Amer 3.0 38166 501 Lec W 06:30-09:20PM ART U302 Torres, E Deadlines Final Book HIST 41A Early African American History 3.0 30322 501 Lec M 06:30-09:20PM CLOU U224 Farrar, V Deadlines Final Book