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ET    50   Technical Mathematics                          4.0
PREREQ.: ET 108B; or MATH 90/92 and 95
34460 501 Lec R 06:10-10:00PM SCIE U009 Celik, C Deadlines Final Book
This section is open to all students. It is also an option for the ECE Workforce Pathway. Please call CDEV 415-452-5605 for enrollment information.
ET 108A Practical Mathematics I 4.0 32237 501 Lec R 06:10-10:00PM SCIE U030 Alphonso-Gibbs, J Deadlines Final Book ET 108B Practical Mathematics II 3.0
PREREQ.: ET 108A/CDEV 108A or demonstration of ET 108A/CDEV 108A exit skills
34835 501 L/L T 06:10-10:00PM MUB A255 Alphonso-Gibbs, J Deadlines Final Book ET 130 Applied Fluid Mechanics MET 3.0 37743 501 Lec M 06:10-09:00PM SCIE U030 Bakshi, V Deadlines Final Book  Saniee, F ET 136B Refrigeration Fundamentals 2.0
ADVISE: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in: ET 130
37744 501 L/L T 06:40-07:55PM SCIE U133 Maharjan, P Deadlines Final Book  Mueller, K T 08:10-09:25PM SCIE U049 Maharjan, P
NOTE: Students completing this course will be eligible to take the EPA 608 Exam
ET 139A Engineering Plumbing Systems 3.0 37745 501 Lec R 07:10-10:00PM SCIE U133 Laws, A Deadlines Final Book