ESL (English As Second Language)Spring 2018More Info & Table of Contents
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 How To Read The Class Listing        DATES                                                                     ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES        BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG  ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                STATUS

ESL   79   Adv Speaking/Pronunciation                     3.0
PREREQ.: ESL 140 or placement in ESL 150 ADVISE: ESL 142 or ESL 69
30575 501 Lec T 06:40-09:30PM HC A214 Reinhard, G Deadlines Final Book ESL 120 Low-Intermediate Academic ESL 6.0
PREREQ: ESL 110 or placement in ESL 120 ADVISE: This course is the second level in the Academic ESL sequence that covers reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. It serves as a prerequisite for ESL 130
31575 501 Lec M W 06:40-09:30PM MUB A380 Trahan, N Deadlines Final Book ESL 130 Intermediate Academic ESL 6.0
PREREQ: ESL 120 or placement in ESL 130 ADVISE: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in: ESL 122 or ESL 132 or ESL 142; (depending on ESL Listening/Speaking course placement)
31605 501 Lec T R 06:40-09:30PM MUB A180 Hayes, E Deadlines Final Book ESL 140 High-Intermediate Academic ESL 6.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 140 or completion of ESL 130
31636 501 C/L T R 06:40-09:30PM BATL U553 Roberts, L Deadlines Final Book ESL 142 High Intermed. Listening/Spkg 3.0
PREREQ.: ESL 132 or placement in ESL 142
38466 501 Lec W 06:40-09:30PM HC A214 Reinhard, G Deadlines Final Book ESL 150 Advanced Academic ESL 5.0
Students must register for a lecture section of ESL 150 and a lab section at the same time. PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 150 or completion of ESL 140.
37540 501 C/L M W 06:40-08:55PM ART U308 Mijatovic, K Deadlines Final Book ESL 160 High-Advanced Academic ESL 4.0
PREREQ: ESL 150 or placement in ESL 160
32285 501 C/L M W 06:40-08:30PM MUB A371 Hayes, E Deadlines Final Book