CM (Construction Management)Spring 2017More Info & Table of Contents
 How To Read The Class Listing        DATES                                                                     ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES        BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG  ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                STATUS

CM   100   Fundamentals of Constr Mgmnt                   3.0
 36790 501 Lec   W   06:10-09:00PM                           MUB  A260  Melendez, C        Deadlines Final Book

CM   110   Construction Graphics                          3.0
 36791 501 L/L M W   06:40-09:30PM                          BATL  U246  Fernandez, O       Deadlines Final Book

CM   244   Construction Scheduling                        3.0
PREREQ.: CM 240 or demonstration of CM 240 exit skills
34303 551 Lec M 06:10-09:00PM 1125 Valencia St. A471 Luzardo, G Deadlines Final Book CM 248 Construction Project Admin. 3.0
36359 501 Lec R 06:40-09:30PM MUB A170 Gary, M Deadlines Final Book