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CAD   99A  3D Printing & Solid Modeling                   1.0
 37236 501 L/L   W   06:10-10:00PM 01/18-03/08              CLOU  U213  Crist, L           Deadlines Final Book
NOTE: CAD 99A and 99B will be accepted towards the units required for completion of E&T Department CAD Certificates.
CAD 99B Advanced AutoCAD Techniques 1.0 37742 501 L/L W 06:10-10:00PM 03/22-05/17 CLOU U213 Crist, L Deadlines Final Book CAD 180 Intro. to Technical Drawing 1.0 32093 501 L/L W 06:10-09:40PM 01/18-03/15 SCIE U143 Saniee, F Deadlines Final Book
NOTE: This is a short term class with a late start date. With consent of CAD 181 instructor, CAD 180 and CAD 181 may taken simultaneously. You may also place out of CAD 180 by exam: contact CAD 180 instructor.
CAD 181 Intro to Comp Aided Draf-CAD I 2.5
ADVISE: CAD 180,or ET 104, or 1 year H.S. Drafting
31738 501 L/L T 06:10-10:00PM CLOU U203 Saniee, F Deadlines Final Book CAD 182 Inter Comp Aided Draf-CAD II 2.5
ADVISE: CAD 181 or equivalent skills/course work or 100 hours of industrial work experience in basic AutoCAD
35030 500 L/L T 06:10-10:00PM CLOU U213 Bakshi, V Deadlines Final Book CAD 187 HVAC/Pipe CAD Design 2.5
ADVISE: ARCH 214 or CAD 181 or demonstration of CAD exit skills
37235 501 L/L R 06:10-10:00PM CLOU U213 Saniee, F Deadlines Final Book
This course covers principles of BIM utilizing Revit-MEP.
CAD 190 Adv CAD-Intro to SolidWorks 2.5 36380 501 L/L M 06:10-10:00PM CLOU U213 Crist, L Deadlines Final Book