How To Read The Class Listing

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ENGL  96   Academic Writing and Reading3.0

 75523 001 Lec    R  11:50-03:20PM 11/20-12/18               MUB  A240  Rico, S            Deadlines Final Book  SPACE AVAILABLE 
 81309 701 NCr MTWR  10:00-12:15PM 11/19-12/18 1125 Valencia St.  A473  Skolnick, J                        Book  MAY B AVAILABLE 
 81909 702 NCr MTWR  10:00-12:15PM 11/19-12/18 1125 Valencia St.  A473  Skolnick, J                        Book                  
 32224 581 Com    R  07:00-10:00PM             88 4th St.         U319  Nicolas, E         Deadlines Final Book
 75526 001 Lec     F 12:10-04:30PM 11/14-12/12               MUB  A240  Burt, T            Deadlines Final Book  WAIT LIST 
 75519 601 Lec  SAT  09:10-05:00PM 11/15-11/15               MUB  A271  Shockey, J         Deadlines Final Book  WAIT LIST 

  1. Subject and Course Number, (linked to the course description)
  2. Course Title
  3. Course Units
  4. Course Registration Number (CRN)
  5. Class Section Number, (linked to the course syllabus)
  6. Type of Class:
    C/L = Conference/Lab
    Com = Composition
    Con = Conference
    Exp = Work Experience
    Fld = Field Experience
    Ind = Independent Study
    L/C = Lecture/Conference
    L/L = Lecture and Lab
    Lab = Lab
    Lec = Lecture
    Ncr = Noncredit
    Onl = Online
    Tut = Tutoring                    
  7. Days the class meets:
    M = Monday
    T = Tuesday
    W = Wednesday
    R = Thursday
    F = Friday
    SAT = Saturday
    SUN = Sunday
    SatSu = Saturday and Sunday
  8. Time the class is held (Red highlights evening classes)
  9. Dates short term class is held
  10. Class location (Center Address)
  11. Class location (Ocean Avenue Campus Building)
  12. Classroom number, (linked to the specific Campus Access Guide) The shape or color of the bullet is key to Accessibility Rating:
  13.   Accessible: Indicates that the classroom is fully ADA compliant
      Usable: Indicates that the classroom is partially compliant, allowing for wheelchair access and presents limited barriers.
    access rating image   Not Accessible: Indicates that physical barriers such as steps prohibits wheelchair access.
    No Data image   A box indicates no current data for this room is available. Access Information Only Call: 452-5481
  14. Instructor for the class, (linked to instructor profile)
  15. Mouse over to see the Deadlines Dates
  16. Mouse over to see the Final date and location
  17. Click to view/order Text Book
  18. Enrollment has reached the class cap, but with an open wait list or full wait list  WAIT LIST   WAIT LIST 
  19. Enrollment Status  SPACE AVAILABLE   MAY B AVAILABLE