HLTH (Health Education)Fall 2015More Info & Table of Contents
 How To Read The Class Listing        DATES                                                                     ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES        BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG  ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                STATUS

HLTH  81   Interpreting in Health Care II                 6.0
75482 001 Lec SAT 09:10-12:00PM MUB A361 Goodfriend-Koven, Deadlines Final Book SAT 01:40-04:30PM MUB A361 Goodfriend-Koven, HLTH 84 Intro to Interpretng Hlth Care 0.5 75484 001 Lec SAT 09:10-05:00PM 10/24-10/24 MUB A330 Tang, G Deadlines Final Book
For Cantonese & Mandarin speakers only.
75485 002 Lec SAT 09:10-05:00PM 11/07-11/07 MUB A330 Goodfriend-Koven, Deadlines Final Book  Tang, G
For Spanish speakers only.
75486 003 Lec SAT 09:10-05:00PM 12/05-12/05 MUB A330 Tang, G Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST
For Arabic, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, other South Asian languages and other languages not listed above.
HLTH 90B Harm Reduction and Health 0.5 75961 001 Lec SAT 09:40-01:30PM 10/03-10/03 MUB A170 Lavender, J Deadlines Final Book SAT 09:40-01:30PM 10/17-10/17 MUB A170 Lavender, J
Class meets on 10/3 and 10/17 only.
HLTH 90C Trauma and Recovery: An Intro 0.5 76959 601 Lec SAT 10:10-02:00PM 10/31-11/07 MUB A380 McCray, I Deadlines Final Book HLTH 91D Recovery Model in Mental Hlth 1.0 75489 601 Lec SAT 10:10-04:00PM 11/14-12/05 MUB A350 Guillen-Nunez, E Deadlines Final Book
Class meets on 11/14, 11/21 & 12/5 only.
HLTH 95 Trans Hlth: Wkg w/ Clients/Com 1.0 76427 601 Lec SAT 09:10-05:00PM 10/17-10/24 MUB A357 Shockey, J Deadlines Final Book HLTH 116 Conflict Reso in the Hlthcare 1.0 75493 001 Lec SAT 09:10-02:40PM 11/07-11/21 MUB A340 Weide, D Deadlines Final Book HLTH 177 Intro to Child Nutrition 3.0 73573 601 Lec SAT 09:10-12:00PM MUB A261 Brothers, J Deadlines Final Book