PHYC (Physics)Fall 2017More Info & Table of Contents
SCIE 185 239-3467
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PHYC  2AC  Intro Phyc Calc Sup                            0.5
100B or 110B PREREQ: MATH 100A or MATH 110A or placement in MATH
70597 831 Onl HOURS ARR 08/28-12/15  Kumar, S Deadlines Book SPACE AVAILABLE
PHYC 2AC-Sec 831 is a short term and late start online class with 3 required on-campus meetings Orientation, Midterm and Final. For course details students must check instructor's website at For more information about online courses go to
PHYC 10 Conceptual Physics 3.0
71414 401 Lec T R 11:10-02:00PM 10/26-12/22 SCIE U204 Alvis, R Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE PHYC 10L Conceptual Physics Laboratory 1.0
PREREQ.: Completion/concurrent enrollment in PHYC 10
76318 400 Lab W F 11:10-02:00PM 10/25-12/22 SCIE U158 Pevyhouse, A Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST