PE A (Intercollegiate Athletics)Fall 2015More Info & Table of Contents
 How To Read The Class Listing        DATES                                                                     ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES        BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG  ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                STATUS

PE A  65   Intercol Women's Basketball                    3.0
PREREQ.: Athletic clearance and medical clearance verified by a physician Repeat: max. 12 units
73255 001 Lab MTWRF 02:10-04:00PM 10/20-03/11 WELL A200 Hayes, J Deadlines Book SPACE AVAILABLE  Lau, D PE A 81 Intercol Men's Basketbal 3.0
PREREQ.: Athletic clearance (eligible by rules of CCCAC and medical clearance verified by a physician) Repeat: max. 12 units
73251 001 Lab MTWRF 12:10-02:00PM 10/20-03/11 WELL A200 D'Acquisto, A Deadlines Book SPACE AVAILABLE  Labagh, J