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LIBR 207 www.ccsf.edu/learnassist/ 415-452-5502
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LERN  53C  Standardized Exams:CSET                        0.5
 75959 601 Lec  SAT  09:10-01:25PM 10/28-11/04               MUB  A150  Brown, E           Deadlines Final Book  SPACE AVAILABLE 
This class is for CSET English test prep for future Multiple Subjects area teachers.
LERN 55 Successful Online Learning 1.0 72650 833 Onl HOURS ARR 11/13-12/22  Stewart, E Deadlines Book WAIT LIST
LERN 55-Sec 831, 832 & 833 are online classes with no required meetings on-campus except for an on-campus orientation for new or previously unsuccessful online students. Experienced online students can complete the orientation online, although the on-campus orientation is recommended for all. Visit the instructor's website for orientation, login instructions, and other important info at http://tinyurl.com/LERN50or55. For more information about online courses go to www.ccsf.edu/disted