Health Education Fall 2013More Info & Table of Contents
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HLTH   9A  Elder Abuse Prevention                         0.5
 73757 831 Onl       HOURS ARR     10/07-11/04                          Nerenberg, L                       Book
          HLTH 9A-831 is a short term online class starts 10/7-11/4. 
          For course details students must check instructors website 
          Final assignment due on 11/15/13. For more information 
          about online courses go to                             
HLTH  59   Intro To Community Health Work                 1.0
 72001 001 Lec  T    04:10-07:00PM 09/03-10/08                HC  A205  Herring, C                   Final Book
HLTH  84   Intro to Interpretng Hlth Care                 0.5
 75228 001 Lec  SAT  09:10-05:00PM 09/28-09/28               MUB  A330  Tang, G                      Final Book
          For Spanish speakers only.                             
 75229 002 Lec  SAT  09:10-05:00PM 10/05-10/05               MUB  A330  Tang, G                      Final Book
          For Cantonese & Mandarin speakers only.                
 75230 003 Lec  SAT  09:10-05:00PM 11/16-11/16               MUB  A330  Tang, G                      Final Book
          For speakers of Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and 
          all other languages.                                   
HLTH  90B  Harm Reduction and Health                      0.5
 72267 601 Lec  SAT  10:10-02:25PM 09/14-09/14               MUB  A370  Totah, T                     Final Book
                SAT  10:10-02:25PM 09/28-09/28               MUB  A370  Totah, T                               
          Class only meets on 9/14 and 9/28 only.                
HLTH  90C  Trauma and Recovery: An Intro                  0.5
 73763 601 Lec  SAT  10:10-02:25PM 10/19-10/26               MUB  A350  McCray, I                    Final Book
HLTH  91C  Hepatitis ABC's                                1.0
 72848 001 Lec  T    07:10-09:00PM 10/08-11/26               MUB  A340  Roth, R                      Final Book
HLTH  91D  Recovery Model in Mental Hlth                  1.0
 73762 001 Lec  SAT  09:10-05:00PM 10/05-10/05               MUB  A357  Nunez, S                     Final Book
                SAT  09:10-05:00PM 10/19-10/19               MUB  A357  Nunez, S                               
          This class meets on 10/5 and 10/19 only.               
 74202 002 Lec  SAT  09:10-05:00PM 11/23-12/07               MUB  A371  Berthold, T                  Final Book
HLTH  95   Trans Hlth: Wkg w/ Clients/Com                 1.0
 71913 601 Lec  SAT  10:10-06:00PM 10/12-10/19               MUB  A340  Shockey, J                   Final Book
HLTH 100   Intro to Drug & Alcohol Studie                 1.0
 71911 002 Lec   W   04:10-07:00PM 10/02-11/06               MUB  A330  Tregor, J                    Final Book
HLTH 116   Conflict Reso in the Hlthcare                  1.0
 72461 G01 Lec  SAT  09:10-02:40PM 10/05-10/19               MUB  A370  Weide, D                     Final Book