CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)Fall 2018More Info & Table of Contents
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CAD   99A  3D Printing & Solid Modeling                   1.0
 76869 501 L/L   W   06:10-10:00PM 08/22-10/11              CLOU  U213  Crist, L           Deadlines Final Book  SPACE AVAILABLE 
NOTE: CAD 99A and 99B will be accepted towards the units required for completion of E&T Department CAD Certificates.
CAD 180 Intro to Technical Drawing 1.0 71933 501 L/L W 06:10-09:40PM 08/22-10/17 SCIE U143 Saniee, F Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE
NOTE: This is a short-term class with regular start! CAD 180 and CAD 181 can easily be taken simultaneously.