Marina Middle School Fall 2014More Info & Table of Contents
 How To Read The Class Listing        DATES                                                                     ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES        BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG  ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                STATUS

JOUR  29   Magazine Editing & Production                  3.0
PREREQ.: JOUR 21 or 22
75930 551 L/L HOURS ARR 3500 Fillmore St  Gonzales, J Deadlines Final Book  Graham, T
JOUR 29-551 has 3 hours lab by arrangement.
VMD 120 Graphic Design I 3.0
PREREQ.: ART 125A or VMD 103 or DSGN 101/VMD 101 Formerly GRPH 35
75418 831 Onl HOURS ARR 3500 Fillmore St  Comacchio, E Deadlines Book
VMD 120-Sec 831 is an online class-with on-campus meetings on Tuesday Evenings. For class details students email instructor For more information about online courses go to