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BATL 210 239-3588
 How To Read The Class Listing       DATES                                                                       ENROLLMENT
  CRN  SEQ TYPE DAYS    TIMES       BEG-END     ADDRESS or BLDG   ROOM  INSTRUCTOR                                 STATUS

FASH 6008  Weaving Tapestry                               0.0
 80708 201 NCr     F 09:30-01:20PM             1860 Hayes St.     U64   Corsini, D                         Book

FASH 6025  Quiltmaking                                    0.0
 80711 201 NCr  SAT  09:00-11:50AM             88 4th St.         A800  Bruvry, P                          Book
FASH 6025 meets in the 8th floor lounge.