PHIL 4 Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Its Limits (3)
Credit, Degree Applicable
The tools and techniques of philosophical reasoning: reading argumentative prose; analyzing conceptual models; writing critical essays. Problems of knowledge: the criteria of reliable knowledge; the formulation and justification of beliefs the sources and other limits of knowledge; beliefs about the physical world, the past and future, and other minds. Critical standards applied to related metaphysical issues: theism, mind and self-identity, determinism.
After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:Outcome 1: Identify and evaluate major metaphysical theories of sustaining influence. Outcome 2: Identify and evaluate major epistemological theories of sustaining influence. Outcome 3: Fluently communicate philosophical arguments, both in writing and in oral contexts. Outcome 4: Apply critical reading skills to philosophical writings, including identifying presented arguments and assumptions, and preparing to discuss those arguments verbally or in writing.
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