AAPS 100   Achieving an Academic Attitude
AAPS 101   College Orientation
AAPS 103   Orientation to College Transfer
AAPS 104   Student Success Seminar
AAPS 1111   Orientation to Noncredit Certificate Programs
ACBO 9201   Accounting I - Proprietorship & Partnership
ACBO 9202   Accounting II-Corporate
ACBO 9205   QuickBooks Complete
ACBO 9206   Basic Accounting Concepts I
ACBO 9207   Basic Accounting Concepts II
ACBO 9208   QuickBooks: Level 1
ACBO 9209   QuickBooks: Level 2
ACBO 9210   Income Tax Preparation
ACBO 9215   Microsoft Access for Accounting Principles
ACBO 9216   Recordkeeping for the Business Office
ACCT 1   Financial Accounting
ACCT 2   Managerial Accounting
ACCT 10   Introduction to Accounting
ACCT 51   Intermediate Accounting
ACCT 52   Intermediate Accounting
ACCT 53   Accounting with Sage 50
ACCT 54   Auditing
ACCT 55   Cost Accounting
ACCT 56   Municipal Governmental Accounting
ACCT 57   Accounting with QuickBooks
ACCT 58   Accounting Ethics
ACCT 59   Federal Income Tax
ACCT 59B   California Income Tax
ADMJ 51   Juvenile Procedures
ADMJ 52   Concepts of Criminal Law
ADMJ 53   Legal Aspects of Evidence
ADMJ 54   Principles & Procedures of the Justice System
ADMJ 57   Introduction to Administration of Justice
ADMJ 59   Organized Crime
ADMJ 62   Criminal Investigation
ADMJ 63   Fingerprints
ADMJ 64   Progressive Policing in the 21st Century
ADMJ 65   Criminal Justice, Drugs, Crime and the Law
ADMJ 66   Forensic Evidence
ADMJ 67   Terrorism and Counterterrorism
ADMJ 68   Criminal Justice Report Writing
ADMJ 69   Crime Scene Documentation
ADMJ 70A   Patrol Procedures
ADMJ 71   Police Work Experience
ADMJ 80   Community Corrections
ADMJ 82   Criminal Justice Work Experience
ADMJ 83   Police Career Preparation
ADMJ 85   P.C. 832 Arrest and Control Certification
ADMJ 88   Law Enforcement and the Media
ADMJ 89   Continuing Professional Training
ADMJ 92   Instructor Development
ADMJ 100   Emergency Vehicle Operation
ADMJ 101   Basic Police Academy
ADMJ 109   Booking and Detention
AFAM 30   African American Consciousness
AFAM 40   The Black Experience in California: 1500 to the Present
AFAM 42   The Origins and History of Race Theory and Modern Racism
AFAM 55   From Funk to Hip Hop
AFAM 60   African American Women in the United States
AHTC 9121   Skills for Home Care Providers
AHWC 9183   Unit Coordinator
AIRC 101   Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance
AIRC 102   Basic Electricity and Electrical Systems
AIRC 103   Power-Plant Theory and Maintenance
AIRC 104   Propulsion Powerplant Systems
AIRC 105   Powerplant Systems and Components
AIRC 106   Aircraft Metal Structures
AIRC 107   Landing Gear, Hydraulics, and Pneumatics Systems
AIRC 108   Airframe Systems and Components
AMS 5   Comics, Power and Society
AMSL 1A   Elementary American Sign Language
AMSL 1B   Elementary American Sign Language
AMSL 2A   Continuation of Elementary American Sign Language
ANTH 1   Biological Anthropology
ANTH 1L   Biological Anthropology Laboratory
ANTH 2   Archaeology and Prehistory
ANTH 3   Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3C   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Focus on American Cultures
ANTH 4   Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 8   Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
ANTH 11   Latin American Cultures and Societies
ANTH 12   North American Indian Cultures
ANTH 15   Philippine Culture and Society
ANTH 20   LGBT Anthropology
ANTH 22   Bay Area Archaeology: 1539-1846
ANTH 25   Culture, Gender and Sexuality
APPR 9710   Meat Cutting Apprentice
APPR 9713   Plastering Apprentice
APPR 9714   Plumbing Apprentice
APPR 9716   Roofing/Waterproofing Apprenticeship
APPR 9720   Stationary Engineer Apprentice
ARCH 20   Architectural Graphics I
ARCH 22A   Delineation and Rendering
ARCH 29A   Freehand Drawing I
ARCH 29B   Freehand Drawing II
ARCH 31A   History of Architecture
ARCH 31B   History of Architecture
ARCH 32   Bay Region Architectural History
ARCH 100   Introduction to Architecture and Design
ARCH 101   Architecture Design Studio I
ARCH 102   Architecture Design Studio II
ARCH 103   Architecture Design Studio 3
ARCH 120   Fundamentals of Building Construction
ARCH 127   Fundamentals of Building Structures
ARCH 134   Global Contemporary Architecture
ARCH 160   Professional Practice
ARCH 214   AutoCAD I
ARCH 218   Fundamentals of Rhino 3D
ARCH 240   Fundamentals of the International Building Code
ART 101   Western Art History
ART 102   Western Art History
ART 103   History of Modern Art
ART 104   Asian Art History
ART 105   Ancient Art and Architecture of Latin America
ART 106   Latin American Art History
ART 107   African-American Art History
ART 108   Women Through Art History
ART 109   History of Contemporary Art
ART 118   American Art
ART 122A   Russian Art at the Legion
ART 123Q   Baroque Masters of Light
ART 123U   18th century French Art at the Legion
ART 123V   Renaissance Art at the Legion
ART 123W   19th Century Painting at the Legion
ART 125A   Basic Design
ART 125B   Advanced Design: 3D
ART 126   Color
ART 130A   Basic Drawing
ART 130B   Intermediate Drawing
ART 130C   Advanced Drawing
ART 132A   Beginning Figure Drawing
ART 132B   Intermediate Figure Drawing
ART 132C   Advanced Figure Drawing
ART 132D   Figure Drawing Special Topics
ART 136A   Introduction to Illustration
ART 136B   Intermediate Illustration
ART 136C   Advanced Illustration
ART 139   Live Model Character Illustration
ART 140A   Beginning Painting
ART 140B   Intermediate Painting
ART 140C   Advanced Painting
ART 140D   Painting Mastery
ART 142A   Mural Ideation to Creation I
ART 145A   Beginning Watercolor Painting
ART 145B   Intermediate Watercolor
ART 145C   Advanced Watercolor/Water Media
ART 145D   Watercolor Special Topics
ART 146A   Beginning Chinese Brush Painting
ART 146B   Advanced Chinese Brush Painting
ART 146C   Advanced Chinese Brush Painting
ART 146D   Chinese Brush Painting Mastery
ART 150A   Beginning Intaglio & Relief Printmaking
ART 150B   Intermediate Intaglio and Relief Printmaking
ART 150C   Advanced Intaglio and Relief Printmaking
ART 150D   Printmaking Special Topics
ART 151A   Beginning Monoprint
ART 151B   Intermediate Monoprinting
ART 151C   Advanced Monoprinting
ART 152A   Beginning Screen Printing
ART 152B   Intermediate Screen Printing
ART 152C   Advanced Screen Printing
ART 156A   Beginning Mixed Media
ART 156B   Intermediate Mixed Media
ART 160A   Beginning Ceramics
ART 160B   Intermediate Ceramics
ART 160C   Advanced Ceramics
ART 160D   Ceramics Studio
ART 162A   Ceramic Sculpture I
ART 162B   Ceramic Sculpture II
ART 170A   Beginning Sculpture
ART 170B   Intermediate Sculpture
ART 170C   Advanced Sculpture
ART 170D   Sculpture Studio
ART 180A   Beginning Jewelry/Metal Arts
ART 180B   Intermediate Jewelry/Metal Arts
ART 180C   Advanced Jewelry/Metal Arts
ART 180D   Metal Arts Studio
ART 181A   Beginning Casting for Metal Arts
ART 181B   Intermediate Casting for Metal Arts
ART 181C   Advanced Casting for Metal Arts
ART 185   Art Career/Transfer Portfolio Prep
ART 190   Contemporary Studio Practices
ASAM 6   Asian American Issues through Literature
ASAM 8   Filipino American Community
ASAM 10   Asian American Popular Culture
ASAM 20   Asian American Experience Since 1820
ASAM 22   Community Issues and Leadership
ASAM 27   Asian American Race Relations
ASAM 30   Asian American Issues Through Film
ASAM 35   Asian American Women
ASAM 40   Chinese American Community
ASAM 42   Southeast Asians in the U.S.
ASAM 61   Asian American Community Field Study
ASAM 63   Asian American Community Field Study
ASAM 65   Individual Study in Asian American Studies
ASIA 11   East Asian Calligraphy: An Introduction
ASIA 15   Asian Societies and Cultures through Film
ASIA 30   Manga and Anime
ASTR 1   Cosmic Evolution
ASTR 4   Life in the Universe
ASTR 16   Observational Astronomy
ASTR 17   Planets
ASTR 18   Stars
ASTR 19   Galaxies and the Universe
AUTO 49   Auto Body Maintenance and Detailing
AUTO 50   Intro to Automotive Mechanics
AUTO 51   Automotive Electrical
AUTO 52   Brakes, Suspension, Alignment
AUTO 53   Automatic and Manual Transmissions
AUTO 54   Engine Repair
AUTO 55   Engine Performance/Drivability
AUTO 56   Introduction to Hybrid and EV Auto Maintenance and Repair
AUTO 58   Automotive Heating and Air-Conditioning
AUTO 59   Automotive Suspension and Steering
AUTO 60   Independent Study (Auto Technology)
AUTO 63   Automotive Braking Systems
AUTO 108   Automotive Work Experience
AUTO 115   Service Consultant
AUTO 200   Auto Body Dent and Damage Repair
AUTO 201   Bolted Panel Replacement
AUTO 202   Welded panel repair and replacement
AUTO 203   Introduction to Auto Painting and Refinishing
AUTO 204   Body/Frame Straightening & Repair
AUTO 205   Auto Body Welding
AUTO 206   Plastic Repair & Refinishing
AUTO 9513   Basic Auto Maintenance
BCST 100   Introduction to Electronic Media
BCST 101   Media Literacy
BCST 103   Mass Media and Society
BCST 104   Race and Media
BCST 105   Gender & Mass Media
BCST 110   Introduction to Writing for Electronic Media
BCST 115   Announcing and Performance
BCST 119   Digital Media Skills
BCST 120   Audio Production
BCST 124A   Pro Tools Editing Essentials
BCST 124B   Pro Tools Mixing with Plugins
BCST 125A   Beginning Sound Recording Studio
BCST 125B   Intermediate Sound Recording Studio
BCST 126   Sound For Visual Media
BCST 127A   Surround Sound Mixing
BCST 127B   Interconnected Audio Systems
BCST 128   Sound Reinforcement
BCST 129   Sound For Games and Interactive Media
BCST 135   Audio for the Web
BCST 136   Video for the Web
BCST 140   Studio Video Production
BCST 141   Field Video Production
BCST 143   Digital Video Editing-AVID
BCST 143A   Avid Video Editing - Beginning
BCST 143B   Avid Video Editing - Intermediate
BCST 144   Digital Video Editing: FCP & Premiere
BCST 144A   Video Editing Premiere Intro
BCST 144B   Video Editing Premiere Intermediate
BCST 146   Video Motion Graphics
BCST 147   Advanced Video Editing
BCST 148   HDTV Studio Production
BCST 149   HDTV Field Production
BCST 150   Special Project
BCST 158   Social Media for Professionals
BCST 159   Digital Media Portfolio
BCST 160   College Internship
BCST 163   Media Internship Preparation
BCST 165   Industry Internship
BIM 120   Revit Architecture I
BIM 121   Revit Architecture II
BIO 9   Human Biology
BIO 10   Animal Biology
BIO 11   Science of Living Organisms
BIO 12   Plant Biology
BIO 14   Plant Ecology
BIO 15   The Biology of HIV
BIO 19   Ecology
BIO 20   Introduction to Ecology
BIO 21A   Ecology of San Francisco Bay
BIO 21B   Ecology of the City of San Francisco
BIO 21C   Ecology of Golden Gate National Recreation Area
BIO 21D   Ecology of Point Reyes National Seashore
BIO 21E   Ecology of Coastal Mendocino County
BIO 21F   Ecology of the San Francisco Bay Delta
BIO 21J   Agroecology
BIO 26   Habitat Restoration Field Studies
BIO 31   Introduction to Environmental Science
BIO 31L   Environmental Science Laboratory
BIO 32   Marine Biology
BIO 32L   Marine Biology Laboratory
BIO 33   Introduction to Conservation Biology
BIO 40   Plants and Animals of California
BIO 51   Introduction to Genetics
BIO 53   Human Genetics
BIO 61   The Biology of Cancer
BIO 91   On-Campus Biology Work Experience
BIO 92   Off-Campus Biology Work Experience
BIO 100A   General Biology
BIO 100B   General Biology
BIO 106   Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 108   General Human Anatomy
BIO 111   Human Physiology
BIO 112   Introduction to Human Physiology
BIO 114   Exploring Neuroscience: An introduction to the Brain
BIO 118   Introduction to Entomology
BIO 119   Emerging Diseases
BIO 120   Introduction to Microbiology
BIO 121   Sanitation Principles and Practices
BIO 130   Nutrition and Culinary Arts
BIO 132   Introduction to Nutrition
BIO 134   Introduction to Nutrition for Health Sciences
BOSS 2500   Business Math with Spreadsheets I
BOSS 3500   Job Preparation
BOSS 3501   Customer Service Skills
BOSS 3502   Customer Service Principles & Soft Skills
BOSS 4500   Business English I
BOSS 4501   Business English II
BOSS 4510   Business Communications
BOSS 5500   Keyboarding for Computers
BOSS 5501   Keyboarding: Skill Development
BOSS 5502   Clerical Keyboarding
BOSS 5505   Keyboarding: Quick Course
BOSS 5506   Keyboarding: The Numeric Keypad
BOSS 5509   Office Procedures for the 21st Century
BOSS 6500   Business Data Entry w/ Introduction to Medisoft
BOSS 6501   Business Medical Office Applications using Medisoft Level 1
BOSS 6502   Business Office Skills using Medisoft Level 2
BOSS 6503   Medisoft Simulated Office Practice Level 3
BSEN 70   Grammar and Writing Essentials for Business
BSEN 74   Written Business Communication
BSEN 76   Business and Technical Report Writing
BSL 1   Business Law I
BSL 2   Business Law 2
BSMA 68   Mathematics of Business
BTEC 5   Briefings in Biotechnology
BTEC 6   Basics of Cell Culture
BTEC 10   Research Skills for Career Opportunities in Biology
BTEC 12A   GLP and GMP Principles
BTEC 14A   Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques
BTEC 14B   Biotechnology Internship Support
BTEC 15   Career Exploration in Bioscience
BTEC 21A   Mammalian Cell Culture
BTEC 21B   Fluorescent Cell Technology
BTEC 21C   Stem Cell Technology
BTEC 21D   Introductory Stem Cell Internship Support
BTEC 21E   Advanced Stem Cell Internship Support
BTEC 22   Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
BTEC 23   Western Blotting Techniques
BTEC 24   Introduction to PCR
BTEC 25   Analytical PCR Technology
BTEC 93   Biotechnology Work experience
BTEC 103   Protein Purification
BTEC 107   Language Skills for Technicians
BTEC 108A   Practical Mathematics for Laboratory Science
BTEC 115   Recombinant DNA Biotechnology
BTEC 120   Cell Biotechnology
BUSG 9901   Business Vocabulary
CABT 9000   Introduction to Culinary Fundamentals
CAD 99A   3D Printing and Solid Modeling
CAD 99B   Advanced AutoCAD Techniques
CAD 180   Introduction to Technical Drawing
CAD 181   Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting - CAD I
CAD 182   Engineering Detailing in Revit
CAD 184   Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Revit
CAD 187   Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Revit
CAD 190   Part Modeling in SolidWorks
CAHS 10A   Culinary Fundamentals I
CAHS 10B   Culinary Fundamentals I
CAHS 10N   Culinary Fundamentals 1
CAHS 10NL   Culinary Fundamentals 1 Laboratory
CAHS 20A   Culinary Fundamentals II A
CAHS 20B   Culinary Fundamentals II B
CAHS 20C   Culinary Fundamentals II C
CAHS 21   Meat Analysis
CAHS 30A   Restaurant Operations
CAHS 30B   Restaurant Operations
CAHS 32   Hospitality Marketing
CAHS 33   Procurement and Costing
CAHS 34   Fundamentals of Contemporary Hospitality Law
CAHS 40W   Work Experience
CAHS 42   Fundamentals of Hospitality Financial Reports
CAHS 43   Principles of Hotel Administration
CAHS 53A   Cuisines of Mexico:  Oaxaca
CAHS 60A   Sous Vide Cooking
CAHS 60B   Classic & Modem Sauces
CAHS 60D   Advanced Pantry/Cold Kitchen Preparations
CAHS 60E   Charcuterie, Forcemeats, and Pates
CAHS 60F   Principles of Food Carving
CAHS 60G   Global Cuisines: France
CAHS 60H   Global Cuisines: Italy
CAHS 60J   Global Cuisines: United States
CAHS 60L   Advanced Pastry Doughs, Batters, and Creams
CAHS 60M   Chocolate and Confections
CAHS 60N   Mousses: Cakes and Desserts
CAHS 60O   Wedding Cakes
CAHS 60P   Plated Desserts: Presentations & Techniques
CAHS 100   Introduction to Hospitality
CAHS 205   Introduction to Wine
CAHS 208   Intro to Event and Meeting Planning
CAHS 209   Food Business Entrepreneurship
CAHS 222   Beverage Management
CAHS 244   Foods and Fitness
CAHS 245   Introduction to Food Preparation for Home Cooks
CAHS 246   Special Occasion Cooking
CAHS 247   Food and Culture
CDEV 11B   Pediatric Preventive Health Ed
CDEV 11C   First Aid Care For III Children
CDEV 41B   Issues in CDEV-Teacher Seminar
CDEV 41C   Issues in CDEV – Leadership Seminar
CDEV 41D   The Child Development Permit and Professional Growth Advising
CDEV 41E   Starting A Large Family Child Care or Center
CDEV 41F   Serving Children with Special Needs in Family Child Care
CDEV 41G   Communicating with Families in Family Child Care
CDEV 41H   Family Child Care Environment
CDEV 41I   Advanced Business Practices in Family Child Care
CDEV 41J   Development of Infancy in Family Child Care
CDEV 41K   Infant/Toddler Curriculum in Family Child Care
CDEV 41L   Advocacy and Professional Standards in ECE
CDEV 41M   Substitute Teaching in ECE Programs
CDEV 41N   Music and Movement in Family Child Care
CDEV 41O   Outdoor Learning in Family Child Care
CDEV 41P   Mixed Ages in Family Child Care
CDEV 41S   Learning Activities in Family Child Care
CDEV 41T   Early Care for Children with Autism
CDEV 41U   Dual Language Learning in Early Childhood
CDEV 41V   Exploring Math in Family Child Care
CDEV 41W   Exploring Science in Family Child Care
CDEV 44   Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale
CDEV 45   ITERS and ECERS Rating ScaIe
CDEV 46   Teacher-Child Interactions in Early Care & Education Using Classroom Assessment Scoring System
CDEV 53   Child Growth and Development
CDEV 61   Infant/Toddler Growth and Development
CDEV 62   Infant/Toddler Care in Group Settings
CDEV 64   Introduction to Stress Reduction and Coping in Early Childhood and Elementary School Programs
CDEV 65   Orientation to ECE Principles and Practice
CDEV 66   Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum
CDEV 67   	Child, Family, and Community
CDEV 68   Interactions with Children
CDEV 71   Elementary Supervised Field Experience
CDEV 72   Supervised Field Experience in Early Childhood Education
CDEV 73   Observing and Assessing Young Children
CDEV 74   Children with Special Needs
CDEV 75   High School Supervised Field Experience
CDEV 76   Supporting LGBT Families in Educational Settings
CDEV 78   Supervised Field Experience in Community Youth Organizations
CDEV 79   Youth Program Development
CDEV 81   Early Literacy Development--Preschool
CDEV 85   Relationship-based Infant/Toddler Care
CDEV 87   Promoting Social and Emotional Competence in Young Children
CDEV 89   Early Childhood Administration Practicum
CDEV 90   Early Childhood Administration I
CDEV 91   Early Childhood Administration II
CDEV 92   Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Early Childhood Programs
CDEV 93   Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education
CDEV 95   School-Age Child Care Curriculum
CDEV 96   Understanding Children with Challenging Behaviors
CDEV 97   School Age Growth & Development
CDEV 98   Sensory-Motor Development and Activities in Early Childhood Programs
CDEV 99   Sensory Processing Disorder in Children
CDEV 100   Violence and Its Impact on Children and Their Families
CDEV 101   Intro to Violence Intervention
CDEV 105   Adult Supervision & Mentoring in Early Care and Education
CDEV 106   Exploring Science in Early Childhood Education
CDEV 107   Introduction to Child Nutrition
CDEV 108   Communicating with Families
CDEV 114   Work Experience in Child Development
CDEV 120   Special Education TK-12
CDEV 121   Children with ADHD
CDEV 122   Social Emotional Differences K-12
CDEV 123   Learning Disabilities
CDEV 124   Individualized Education Programs
CDEV 125   Children's Emotional Development
CDEV 150   Orientation to TK-12 Education
CDEV 8002   Parents and Infants
CDEV 8003   Infant Development
CDEV 8100   Child Observation
CDEV 8101   The Child Development Lab School
CDEV 8104   Parenting Participating Class
CDEV 8117   Positive Parenting
CDEV 8202   Foster Parenting
CDEV 8206   Parenting in the Business Community
CHEM C   Calculations in Chemistry
CHEM 32   Introduction to Medical Chemistry
CHEM 40   Introduction to Chemical Principles
CHEM 85   Seminar in Chemistry
CHEM 101A   General College Chemistry
CHEM 101B   General College Chemistry
CHEM 103A   General Chemistry for Engineering
CHEM 110   Chemistry and the Environment
CHEM 208A   Organic Chemistry
CHEM 208B   Organic Chemistry
CHEM 212A   Organic Chemistry
CHEM 212B   Organic Chemistry
CHIN 1   Elementary Chinese
CHIN 1A   Elementary Chinese
CHIN 1B   Elementary Chinese
CHIN 2   Continuation of Elementary Chinese
CHIN 2A   Continuation of Elementary Chinese
CHIN 2B   Continuation of Elementary Chinese
CHIN 3   Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 3A   Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 3B   Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 4   Continuation of Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 4A   Continuation of Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 4B   Continuation of Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 10A   Beginning Conversational Cantonese
CHIN 10B   Continuation of Beginning Conversational Cantonese
CHIN 10C   Intermediate Conversational Cantonese
CHIN 12A   Beginning Conversational Mandarin
CHIN 12B   Continuation of Beginning Conversational Mandarin
CHIN 12C   Intermediate Conversational Mandarin
CHIN 14A   Conversational Mandarin for Speakers of Other Chinese Dialects:  Level 1
CHIN 14B   Conversational Mandarin for Other Dialect Speakers
CHIN 14C   Intermediate Conversational Mandarin for Chinese Speaking Students
CHIN 30A   Advanced Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 30B   Continuation of Advanced Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 30C   Advanced Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 31A   Intermediate Mandarin Chinese for Bilingual Students
CHIN 31B   Intermediate Mandarin Chinese for Bilingual Students
CHIN 32   Chinese Grammar and Chinese Culture
CHIN 33   Chinese Culture for Heritage Learners
CHIN 36   Chinese Idioms and Proverbs
CHIN 38   Translation Foundation in Chinese
CHIN 39   Major Achievements of Chinese Thought and Culture
CINE 18   American Cinema
CINE 19   Documentary, Digital Media and Society
CINE 20A   Film History: Evolution of Film Expression
CINE 20B   Film History: Contemporary Film Expression
CINE 21   Introduction to Film Studies
CINE 22   The Documentary Tradition
CINE 23A   Films of Alfred Hitchcock
CINE 23B   Focus on Film Noir
CINE 24   Basic Film Production
CINE 25   Narrative Filmmaking
CINE 30   Production Planning
CINE 40   Film Festival
CINE 54   Cinematography & Lighting
CINE 56   Introduction to Digital Film Editing
CINE 57   Experimental Filmmaking
CINE 60   Sound for Motion Pictures I
CINE 61   Sound for Motion Pictures II
CINE 72   Nonfiction Scriptwriting
CINE 74   Advanced Cinematography And Lighting
CINE 75   Screenwriting
CINE 76   Advanced Digital Film Editing
CINE 85   Advanced Screenwriting
CINE 124A   Film Production Workshop
CINE 124B   Film Production Workshop
CINE 126   Documentary Filmmaking
CINE 131   Directing Motion Pictures
CINE 136   Special Effects
CINE 170   Film/Video Work Experience
CLAS 35   Tragic Dramas of Greece
CM 10   Introduction to Construction Management
CM 100   Fundamentals of Construction Management
CM 110   Construction Graphics
CM 240   Construction Cost Estimating
CM 244   Construction Scheduling
CM 248   Construction Project Administration
CMST 1A   Elements of Public Speaking
CMST 2   Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism
CMST 3   Argumentation and Debate
CMST 4   Group Communication
CMST 5   Intercultural Communication
CMST 6   Workplace Communication
CMST 7   Oral Interpretation of Literature
CMST 8   Rhetoric of Popular Culture
CMST 11   Basic Public Speaking
CMST 12   Fundamentals of Oral Communication
CMST 20   Interpersonal Communication
CMST 30   Individual Project in Oral Communication
CMST 38   Forensics Competition
CMST 1001   Communication Anxiety
CNIT 10   Careers in Computer Networking and Information Technology
CNIT 11   IT Professional Conduct
CNIT 40   DNS Security
CNIT 50   Network Security Monitoring
CNIT 100   Introduction to Computers Using PCs
CNIT 100M   Introduction to Computers Using Macintosh
CNIT 101   Operating Systems I - Windows
CNIT 102   Operating Systems II - Command Line
CNIT 103   Computer Hardware
CNIT 103L   Computer Hardware Lab
CNIT 103M   Apple Mac Hardware
CNIT 104   Operating Systems Technologies
CNIT 105   IT Customer Support
CNIT 105L   Computer Technical Support Lab
CNIT 106   Introduction to Networks
CNIT 106A   Introduction to Networking
CNIT 107   Wireless LANs
CNIT 108   Wireless Networks, Advanced
CNIT 113   Technology of Smartphones & Mobile Devices
CNIT 120   Network Security
CNIT 121   Computer Forensics
CNIT 122   Firewalls
CNIT 123   Ethical Hacking and Network Defense
CNIT 124   Advanced Ethical Hacking
CNIT 125   Information Security Professional Practices
CNIT 126   Practical Malware Analysis
CNIT 127   Exploit Development
CNIT 128   Hacking Mobile Devices
CNIT 129   Web 2.0 Internet Technologies
CNIT 129S   Securing Web Applications
CNIT 131   Internet Basics and Beginning HTML
CNIT 131A   XML and JSON
CNIT 131H   Introduction to HTML and CSS
CNIT 132   Intermediate HTML and CSS
CNIT 132A   Advanced HTML and CSS
CNIT 132S   SEO & Analytics for Web Dev
CNIT 133   JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX
CNIT 133A   JavaScript Libraries/Frameworks
CNIT 133M   Mobile Web w/HTML, CSS & JS
CNIT 134   Server Side Technologies for the Web
CNIT 140   IT Security Practices
CNIT 141   Cryptography for Computer Networks
CNIT 151   Introduction to Virtualization
CNIT 152   Incident Response
CNIT 153   VMware: Install, Configure, Manage
CNIT 154   EMC - Information Storage and Management
CNIT 155   Cloud Infrastructure and Services
CNIT 160   Cybersecurity Responsibilities
CNIT 195   Software Development Practicum
CNIT 197   Internship and Work Experience
CNIT 198   Internship and Work Experience
CNIT 201C   Introduction to Cisco Networks
CNIT 202C   Routing and Switching Essentials
CNIT 203C   Scaling Networks
CNIT 204C   Connecting Networks
CNIT 205C   CCNA Security
CNIT 214   Internet of Things
CNIT 401   Windows 10 Technical Support
CNIT 410   Installing and Configuring Windows
CNIT 411   Administering Windows Server
CNIT 412   Configuring Advanced Windows Server
CNIT 415   SQL Server Administration
CNIT 416   Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016
CNIT 417   Administering Windows Server 2016
CNIT 418   Identity With Windows 2016
CNIT 420   Configuring and Administering Microsoft Azure
CNIT 501   Certified Information Systems Auditor
CNST 69   Construction Safety
CNST 77   OSHA 30
CNST 88   Practical Mathematics for Construction Trades
CNST 100   Introduction to Construction Applications
CNST 102   Concrete Applications
CNST 103   Residential Plumbing
CNST 106   Fundamentals of the Uniform Plumbing Code
CNST 107   Blueprint Reading
CNST 107A   Practical Blueprint Reading
CNST 108   Contractor License Preparation
CNST 109   Residential Wiring
CNST 111   Carpentry - Rough Framing
CNST 112   Carpentry-Advanced Framing
CNST 113   Finish Carpentry
CNST 114   Custom Cabinetmaking
CNST 116   Furniture Making & Woodworking
CNST 118A   Advanced Project Furniture Making I
CNST 118B   Advanced Project Furniture Making II
CNST 121   Introduction to Photovoltaics
CNST 122   Introduction to Photo Voltaic Installation
CNST 125   Drywall Hanging and Finishing
CNST 128   Introduction to the National Electrical Code
CNST 129   Intermediate National Electrical Code
CNST 130A   Introduction to Residential Energy Efficiency
CNST 130B   Residential Energy Efficient Systems
CNST 130C   Residential Building Shell Climate Comfort and Health
CNST 131   Advanced National Electrical Codes
CNST 132   Fundamentals of Refrigeration for Industrial Maintenance
CNST 133   Sales and Marketing Photovoltaics
CNST 134   Electrical-Mechanical Fundamentals
CNST 136   Electrical Circuits
CNST 1025   Drywall Hanging and Finishing
CNST 1028   National Electrical Code Introduction
CNST 1029   National Electrical Code 2
CNST 1069   Construction Safety
COMP 9000   Supervised Training of Computer Applications for Business
COMP 9245   Windows Essentials for MS Office Applications
COMP 9857   MS Office Business Applications with  Simulated Projects
COMP 9894   Microsoft Access Essentials
COMP 9899   Electronic Publishing for Business I
COMP 9900   Microsoft Excel for Business I
COMP 9901   Microsoft Access for Business I
COMP 9903   Software Update
COMP 9904   Microsoft Excel for Business II
COMP 9905   Intro to Windows for MS Office Applications
COMP 9907   Electronic Publishing for Business II
COMP 9908   Computer & Web-based Applications
COMP 9909   Microsoft Excel for Business III
COMP 9910   Microsoft Access for Business II
COMP 9912   PC Upgrade and Optimization
COMP 9917   Building Individual Web Sites
COMP 9918   Building Business Web Sites
COMP 9919   Using Dreamweaver for Basic Business Web Pages
COMP 9920   Using SharePoint Designer (Expression Web) for Basic Web Pages
COMP 9921   The Internet and Social Customer Service
COMP 9922   Flash for Bus/Office Presentations
COMP 9928   PowerPoint for Business
COMP 9932   Excel for Accounting Principles
COMP 9933   Building Business Web Pages with Adobe Web Standard-Level I
COMP 9934   Building Business Web Pages with Adobe Web Standard-Level II
COMP 9935   Business Web Graphics
COMP 9936   Outlook for Office Support
COMP 9938   Publisher for Business Desktop Publishing
COMP 9941   Computer Applications - Self Paced
COMP 9942   Microcomputer Lab
COMP 9944   Acrobat for Bus/Office
COMP 9947   Windows Folder and File Concepts
COMP 9948   Acrobat Bus/Office Doc Conversion
COMP 9952   Internet and E-mail for the Business Office
COMP 9957   Photoshop Elements I
COMP 9958   Photoshop Elements II
COMP 9959   Photoshop Essentials
COMP 9964   Microsoft Outlook Essentials
COMP 9967   Google Apps for Business I
COMP 9968   Google Apps for Business II
COMP 9975   MS Office Applications I
COMP 9976   MS Office Applications II
COMP 9977   Microsoft OneNote
COUN 105   Student Success Seminar II
CRER 60   Creating Career Options
CRER 61   Orientation to Career Success
CRER 62   Successful Job Search Techniques
CS 101   Introduction to Information Systems
CS 110A   Intro to Programming
CS 110B   Programming Fundamentals: C++
CS 110C   Data Structures and Algorithms: C++
CS 111B   Programming Fundamentals: Java
CS 111C   Data Structures and Algorithms: Java
CS 112   Beginning iPhone Programming using Swift
CS 113A   Introduction to Perl Programming
CS 114B   C# Programming
CS 114D   C# with Database
CS 130A   PHP Programming
CS 130B   Advanced PHP Programming
CS 131B   Programming Fundamentals: Python
CS 132A   Ruby Programming
CS 142   Programming Techniques for XML
CS 150A   Introduction to SQL Databases and NoSQL
CS 150P   SQL Server Programming Using T-SQL
CS 151B   Oracle Database Administration
CS 151P   Oracle PL/SQL Programming
CS 155B   MySQL Database Administration
CS 155P   MySQL Programming
CS 159A   Database Design and Modeling
CS 160A   Introduction to Unix/Linux
CS 160B   Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
CS 177   Software Engineering
CS 178   Build Automation for DevOps & QA
CS 185   Exploring Game Worlds
CS 186   XR: Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality using Unity
CS 195   Software Development Practicum
CS 197P   Technical Interview Preparation
CS 197V   Version Control and Online Code Repositories
CS 198   Industry Internship
CS 199   Independent Study
CS 211D   Android Programming
CS 211E   Advanced Java: Enterprise
CS 211S   Advanced Java: Standard Edition
CS 212   iPhone Programming
CS 214U   Game and Simulation Programming in Unity
CS 230W   WordPress and Drupal CMS Development
CS 231   Advanced Python Programming
CS 232   Ruby on Rails Development
CS 256   Data Visualization
CS 260A   Linux System Administration
CS 260B   Linux Network Administration
CS 270   Computer Architecture with Assembly Language
CS 280   Introduction to Parallel and Cloud Programming
CS 311D   Advanced Android Programming
CSST 9650   Introduction to Baking and Pastry
CSST 9651   Advanced Baking and Pastry
CSST 9660   Food Technology and Dining Services-Section I
CSST 9661   Food Preparation and DiningServices-Section II
CVT 101   Cardiovascular Technician
CVT 110   Cardiovascular Skills
CVT 201   Advanced Cardiovascular Technician
CVT 210   Advanced Cardiovascular Skills
CVT 301   Physics of Cardiac Ultrasound
CVT 310   Clinical Experience in Cardiac Ultrasound
CVT 410   Clinical Experience in Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound
DANC 30   Dance History - Dance in Cultural Context
DANC 32   Black Tradition in American Dance
DANC 34A   Dance Conditioning
DANC 37   Feldenkrais for Dance and Performing Arts
DANC 100A   Beginning Dance Composition
DANC 100B   Intermediate Dance Composition
DANC 101A   Dance Performance Production
DANC 101B   Dance Performance Production
DANC 102A   Beginning CCSF Repertory Dance Company - Local Theatre
DANC 102B   CCSF Repertory Dance Company - Local and Touring
DANC 107A   Folk Dance Production
DANC 110A   Salsa Dance Production
DANC 111A   Argentine Tango Productions
DANC 119A   Beginning Ballet
DANC 119B   Advanced Beginning Ballet
DANC 119C   Intermediate Ballet
DANC 119D   Advanced Intermediate Ballet
DANC 121B   Intensive Ballet
DANC 122   Beginning Pointe Technique
DANC 123A   Contemporary Dance I
DANC 124A   Beginning Modern Dance
DANC 124B   Advanced Beginning Modern Dance
DANC 124C   Intermediate Modern Dance
DANC 124D   Advanced Modern Dance
DANC 126B   Intensive Modern Dance
DANC 127A   Dance Improvisation: Group
DANC 127B   Dance Improvisation: Solo and Duet
DANC 129A   Beginning Jazz Dance
DANC 129B   Advanced Beginning Jazz Dance
DANC 129C   Intermediate Jazz Dance
DANC 129D   Advanced Jazz Dance
DANC 131A   Introduction to Dance Theater
DANC 133A   Beginning African-Haitian Dance
DANC 133B   Advanced Beginning African Haitian
DANC 133C   Intermediate African-Haitian Dance
DANC 134A   Beginning Tap Dance
DANC 134B   Advanced Beginning Tap Dance
DANC 134C   Intermediate Tap Dance
DANC 134D   Advanced Intermediate Tap Dance
DANC 138A   Beginning Hip Hop Dance
DANC 138B   Advanced Beginning Hip Hop Dance
DANC 138C   Intermediate Hip Hop Dance
DANC 138D   Advanced Hip Hop Dance
DANC 140A   Beginning European Folk Dance
DANC 140B   Intermediate European Folk Dance
DANC 141A   Beginning International Folk Dance
DANC 141B   Intermediate International Folk Dance
DANC 145A   Beginning Ballroom Dance
DANC 145B   Intermediate Ballroom Dance
DANC 146A   Beginning Waltz Styles and Techniques
DANC 146B   Intermediate Waltz Styles and Techniques
DANC 148A   Beginning Smooth Ballroom Dance
DANC 148B   Intermediate Smooth Ballroom Dance
DANC 149A   Beginning International Latin Dance
DANC 150A   Beginning Swing Dance
DANC 150B   Intermediate Swing Dance
DANC 150C   Advanced Swing Dance
DANC 151A   Beginning Lindy Hop
DANC 151B   Intermediate Lindy Hop
DANC 155A   Beginning Salsa and other Latin Dances
DANC 155B   Intermediate Salsa and Other Latin Dances
DANC 155C   Advanced Salsa and Other Latin Dances
DANC 160A   Beginning Argentine Tango
DANC 160B   Intermediate Argentine Tango
DANC 160C   Advanced Argentine Tango
DANC 161   Follower's Technique for Argentine Tango
DANC 172A   Zumba: Latin Style Dance Forms
DANC 172B   Zumba: Street Style Dance Forms
DANC 173   Yoga Movement
DENT 51   Applied Dental Science I
DENT 52   Dental Materials and Procedures
DENT 53   Introduction to Chairside Assisting
DENT 54   Applied Dental Science II
DENT 55A   Dental Roentgenography
DENT 55B   Dental Roentgenography
DENT 57   Dental Office Management
DENT 62   The Dental Assistant in Practice
DENT 67   Advanced Dental Procedures
DENT 70   Clinical Chairside Assisting
DENT 110A   Coronal Polish
DMI 49   Introduction to Radiologic Technology
DMI 50A   Introduction to Medical Radiography
DMI 50B   Radiologic Physics and Equipment
DMI 51A   Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning
DMI 51B   Radiographic Exposure Factors
DMI 52   Patient Care in Radiologic Technology
DMI 54   Vascular and Interventional Procedures
DMI 55   Skull Radiography
DMI 56   Radiographic Pathology
DMI 57   Multiplanar Imaging in Radiologic Sciences
DMI 62   Clinical Education in DMI I
DMI 63   Intermediate Diagnostic Procedures
DMI 64   Clinical Education in DMI II
DMI 65   Advanced Imaging Procedures
DMI 66   Clinical Education in DMI III
DMI 68   Clinical Education in DMI IV
DMI 69   Clinical Education Internship Summer Bridge
DMI 70   Radiation Protection
DMI 100   Registry Examination and Career Preparation
DSGN 101   Design Fundamentals
DSGN 105   Design Thinking
DSGN 110   Design Drawing Techniques
DSGN 150   Color in Design
DSPS M   Diagnostic Learning
DSPS O   Diagnostic Learning
DSPS Q   Main Idea Strategies
DSPS S   Strategies for Problem Solving
DSPS T   Diagnostic Learning Essentials
DSPS X   Strategies for Success in Math
DSPS 20   Adapted Fitness and Wellness
DSPS 4014   Accessible Arts and Crafts
DSPS 4017   Accessible Theatre Arts
DSPS 4023   Job Search Skills
DSPS 4028   Coping with Acquired Brain Injury
DSPS 4033   Stroke - Communication
DSPS 4035   Accessible Computer Laboratory
DSPS 4040   Disability and Employment: Independent Vocational Exploration
DSPS 4101   Communication for the Blind
DSPS 4210   Lipreading
DSPS 4222   Breath, Sound, and Motion for Well-being
DSPS 4305   High School Level Learning Strategies
DSPS 4414   Accessible Arts and Crafts - Essentials
DSPS 4417   Accessible Theater Arts - Essentials
DSPS 4422   Digital Literacy
DSPS 4423   Preparation for Job Search
DSPS 4428   Financial Literacy
DSPS 4435   Accessible Computer Laboratory - Essentials
ECGT 101   ECG Technician I
ECGT 102   ECG Technician II
ECGT 103A   Electrocardiography Professional Experience
ECGT 103B   Electrocardiography Professional Practice
ECHO 101   Echocardiography
ECHO 201   Advanced Echocardiography Technician
ECHO 301   Advanced Cardiac Abnormalities
ECHO 401   Advanced Echocardiographic Studies
ECON 1   Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 3   Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 5   Introductory Statistics for Economics, Business and Social Sciences
ECON 6   International Economics
ECON 15   Political Economy
ECON 20   LGBT Economics
ECON 25   Women in the Economy
ECON 30   Economics of the African American Community
ELEC 101   Electronics I: Essentials of Electronics - Measurements and Passive Circuits
ELEC 102A   Electronics II: Active Analog Circuits and Practical Applications
ELEC 102B   Electronics II: Digital Circuits and Practical Applications
ELEC 103A   Electronics III: Analog Circuits and Practical Applications
ELEC 103B   Electronics III: Digital Circuit Interfaces and Programming
ELEC 104A   Electronics IV: Wireless Analog and Digital Communication Systems
ELEC 104B   Electronics IV: Microcontroller Interfaces and Programming
EMSA 22   Foundations in Environmental Instrumentation, Sampling and Monitoring
EMSA 28   Environmental Microbiology Methods
EMSA 30A   Water Quality Analysis by Anion-based Chromatography
EMT 11A   Pediatric CPR and First Aid
EMT 12   Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
EMT 13   Standard First Aid
EMT 14   Advanced First Aid and Basic Life Support
EMT 99   National Registry EMT Exam Preparation Course
EMT 100   Emergency Medical Technician
EMT 101A   EMT Theory and Skills I
EMT 101B   EMT Theory and Skills II
EMT 104   Advanced Skills for EMS providers
EMT 105   ECG Interpretation in Emergency Medical Services
EMT 5000   Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED
EMT 5005   EMT Refresher
EMTP 120   Human Systems and Patient Assessment
EMTP 121   Introduction to EMS
EMTP 122   Pharmacology and Advanced Airway
EMTP 123   Trauma Emergencies
EMTP 124   Trauma Certification
EMTP 125   Cardiorespiratory Emergencies
EMTP 126   Neuroendocrine Emergencies
EMTP 127   Medical Emergencies
EMTP 128   OB/GYN & Pedi Emergencies
EMTP 129   Special Populations, EMS Ops
EMTP 130   Clinical and Field Internship
EMTP 131   Simulation in Emergency Medical Services Education
ENGL 1A   University-Parallel Reading and Composition
ENGL 1AS   English 1A Support
ENGL 1B   Writing about Literature
ENGL 1C   Writing about Nonfiction
ENGL 10   Introduction to English Tutoring
ENGL 12   English Bridge
ENGL 16   Academic Writing Workshop
ENGL 17   Writing Workshop for English 1A
ENGL 26   English Grammar and Sentence Combining
ENGL 26A   English Grammar: Sentence Core
ENGL 26B   English Grammar: Sentence Structure
ENGL 26C   English Grammar: Sentence Combining
ENGL 30A   American Literature, Beginnings to Civil War
ENGL 30B   American Literature, 1865-present
ENGL 35A   Introduction to Writing Fiction
ENGL 35B   Intermediate Fiction Writing
ENGL 35C   Introduction to Writing Poetry
ENGL 35D   Intermediate Poetry Writing
ENGL 35G   Introduction to Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 35H   Intermediate Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 35L   Introduction to Literary Magazine
ENGL 35M   Intermediate Literary Magazine
ENGL 43   Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 44A   Survey of World Literature, Part 1: Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern
ENGL 44B   Survey of World Literature, Part II: Early Modern to the Present
ENGL 46A   Survey of Literature in English, Part 1: Beowulf through Milton
ENGL 46B   Survey of Literature in English, Part 2: Late-17th through the Mid-19th Century
ENGL 46C   Survey of Literature in English, Part 3: Mid- Nineteenth through the Twentieth Century
ENGL 48C   Science Fiction and Fantasy
ENGL 48K   The Bible as Literature
ENGL 51   The Graphic Novel as Literature
ENGL 52   Shakespeare
ENGL 54   Children's and Young Adult Literature
ENGL 57   Survey of Women's Literature
ENGL 58   Contemporary Women's Writing
ENGL 61   Literature and Film
ENGL 86   Introduction to College Reading and Writing
ENGL 88   College Reading and Writing
ENGL 88B   College Reading and Writing
ENGL 1000   Supplemental Instruction in English
ENGN 10A   Introduction to Engineering: The Profession
ENGN 10B   Introduction to Engineering: Software Tools and Design
ENGN 20   Introduction to Circuit Analysis
ENGN 20L   Introduction to Circuit Analysis Laboratory
ENGN 24   Engineering Design Graphics
ENGN 36   Engineering Mechanics - Statics
ENGN 37   Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics
ENGN 38   Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies for Engineers
ENGN 45   Materials Science for Engineers
ENGN 48L   Introduction to Engineering and Technology - Laboratory
ENRG 3   Introduction to Alternative Energy
ENRG 3L   Intro to Alternative Energy Laboratory
ENTR 101   Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTR 102   Applied Design Thinking for Entrepreneurship
ESL 12   ESL Bridge
ESL 49   Pronunciation
ESL 51A   ESL for Child Development
ESL 66   Advanced Listening and Reading
ESL 67   Practical Writing for ESL Students
ESL 69   Accent Improvement
ESL 75   Intermediate Editing and Grammar Review
ESL 79   Advanced Speaking and Pronunciation
ESL 85   Advanced Editing and Grammar Review
ESL 95   High Advanced Editing and Grammar Review
ESL 112   High Beginning Listening/Speaking
ESL 122   Low-Intermediate Listening/Speaking
ESL 132   Intermediate Listening/Speaking
ESL 142   High Intermediate Listening/Speaking
ESL 182   Intermediate Academic ESL
ESL 184   High Intermediate Academic ESL
ESL 186   ESL Introduction to College Reading and Writing
ESL 188   ESL College Reading and Writing
ESLA 1000   Supplemental Academic English Instruction
ESLA 3180   Introduction to Academic ESL
ESLB 3821   Introduction to Computers for ESL-Intermediate
ESLB 3822   Keyboarding for ESL Students
ESLB 4821   Intermediate Introduction to Computers for ESL
ESLB 4822   ESL Keyboarding
ESLC 3031   Beginning Low Citizenship
ESLC 3032   ESL/Citizenship for Multi-Level 1-4
ESLC 3033   ESL Citizenship Intermediate 5-8
ESLC 4032   ESL Citizenship Multi-level 1-4
ESLF 3002   ESL Current Events
ESLF 3006   Computer Assisted ESL - Intermediate
ESLF 3020   Computer Assisted ESL - Multilevel
ESLF 3128   Reading - Beginning Low
ESLF 3129   Writing - Beginning Low
ESLF 3144   Pronunciation - Beginning
ESLF 3348   Reading - Beginning High
ESLF 3349   Writing - High Beginning
ESLF 3568   Reading - Intermediate Low
ESLF 3569   Writing - Low Intermediate
ESLF 3584   Pronunciation - Intermediate
ESLF 3788   Reading - Intermediate High
ESLF 3789   Writing - Intermediate High
ESLF 4002   Computer Assisted ESL - Beginning Low
ESLF 4004   Computer Assisted ESL - Beginning High
ESLF 4006   Intermediate CALL
ESLF 4127   Beginning Low Conversation
ESLF 4347   Beginning High Conversation
ESLF 4567   Intermediate Low Conversation
ESLF 4787   Intermediate High Conversation
ESLF 5006   Computer-Assisted ESL Projects
ESLF 5125   Speaking and Listening: Beginning Low
ESLF 5345   Speaking and Listening - Beginning High
ESLF 5565   Speaking and Listening - Intermediate Low
ESLF 5785   Speaking and Listening - Intermediate High
ESLN 3010   ESL Literacy A
ESLN 3015   ESL Literacy A
ESLN 3020   ESL Literacy B
ESLN 3100   Beginning Low 1
ESLN 3105   Beginning Low 1 Abridged
ESLN 3120   ESL Beginning Low 1-2 Multilevel
ESLN 3140   Beginning 1-4 Multilevel
ESLN 3150   Beginning Low 1-2 Intensive
ESLN 3200   Beginning Low 2
ESLN 3205   Beginning Low 2 Abridged
ESLN 3300   Beginning High 3
ESLN 3305   Beginning High 3 Abridged
ESLN 3340   Beginning High 3-4 Multilevel
ESLN 3350   Beginning High 3-4 Intensive
ESLN 3400   Beginning High 4
ESLN 3405   Beginning High 4 Abridged
ESLN 3500   Intermediate Low 5
ESLN 3550   Intermediate Low 5-6 Intensive
ESLN 3560   Intermediate Low 5-6
ESLN 3580   Intermediate 5-8 Multilevel
ESLN 3600   Intermediate Low 6
ESLN 3700   Intermediate High 7
ESLN 3780   Intermediate High 7/8 Multi-Level
ESLN 3800   lntermediate High 8
ESLN 3900   Advanced Low 9
ESLN 4015   ESL Literacy A Abridged
ESLV 3800   ESL for the Workplace
ESLV 3801   Workplace Communication
ESLV 3804   VESL for Clerical Workers
ESLV 3814   ESL for Chinese Cooking
ESLV 3819   Social Communication
ESLV 3823   ESL for Job Searching
ESLV 3825   Career Exploration
ESLV 3826   Beginning Job Search
ESLV 3827   ESL for Hotel/Service Workers
ESLV 3829   Computer VESL - High Intermediate
ESLV 3830   High Intermediate VESL for Healthcare Careers
ESLV 3831   ESL for Construction Workers
ESLV 3832   ESL for Construction B
ESLV 3836   Beginning VESL for Customer Service
ESLV 3842   Healthcare Communication I
ESLV 3843   Healthcare Communication II
ESLV 3844   Healthcare Communication III
ESLV 4816   ESL for Janitors
ESLV 4822   Workplace Conversation Strategies
ESLV 4842   ESL for Work - Beginning
ESLV 5822   Basic ESL for Work
ET 50   Technical Mathematics
ET 104   Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Manufacturing
ET 108A   Practical Mathematics I
ET 108B   Practical Mathematics II
ET 130   Applied Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineering Technology
ET 136A   HVAC System Fundamentals
ET 136B   Fundamentals of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
ET 139A   Engineering Plumbing Systems
ET 139B   Plumbing System Design Fundamentals
ET 140   Facility Automation and PLCs
ET 150   Metrology and CNC Machining
F SC 106   Fire Safety Director
F SC 107A   Fire Training Work Experience
F SC 107B   Fire Training Work Experience
F SC 108   Fire Service Work Experience
F SC 110   Basic Fire Academy
F SC 111   Firefighter One Academy
F SC 115   Incident Command System 200
F SC 145   Introduction to Homeland Security
F SC 150   Fire Service Career Preparation
F SC 17   Public Safety: Emergency Medical Response
F SC 50   Introduction to Fire Science
F SC 51A   Fire Tactics and Strategy
F SC 52A   Fire Protection Equipment & Systems
F SC 53   Building Construction for Fire Protection
F SC 55   Wildland Fire Control
F SC 57   Principles of Fire and Emergency Services: Safety and Survival
F SC 61A   Introduction to Fire Prevention
F SC 62   Rescue Practices
F SC 63   Vehicle Extrication
F SC 64   Fire Behavior and Combustion
F SC 75A   Company Officer 2A: Human Relations Management
F SC 75B   Company Officer 2B: General Administrative Functions
F SC 75C   Company Officer 2C: Fire Inspections and Investigations
F SC 75D   Company Officer 2D: All-Risk Command Operations
F SC 75E   Company Officer 2E: Wildland Incident Operations
F SC 75F   Instructor 1 - Fire Science Methodology
FASH A   Introduction to Sewing
FASH 15A   Apparel Construction 1
FASH 15B   Apparel Construction 2
FASH 15C   Apparel Construction 3
FASH 16   Garment Fitting Techniques
FASH 21   Fashion Careers
FASH 22   Textile Analysis
FASH 23   Fashion History
FASH 25A   Weaving I
FASH 25B   Weaving II
FASH 25C   Weaving III
FASH 26   Flat Pattern Design I
FASH 27   Fashion Draping
FASH 28   The Social Meaning of Clothing
FASH 29   Pattern Grading
FASH 35A   Fashion Illustration I
FASH 35B   Fashion Illustration II
FASH 36A   Fashion Design I
FASH 36B   Fashion Design 2
FASH 37   Flat Pattern Design II
FASH 41A   Hot Topics in Fashion
FASH 42   Introduction to Fashion Industry
FASH 44   Fashion Retail Buying
FASH 45A   Advanced Image Consulting
FASH 45B   Advanced Image Consulting
FASH 46   Fashion Merchandising
FASH 47   Fashion Direction and Coordination
FASH 48   Fashion Show Production
FASH 49   Visual Merchandising
FASH 50   Runway: The Business of Modeling
FASH 51   Creating a Garment Business
FASH 53   Fashion Forecasting
FASH 54A   Fashion Styling
FASH 54B   Advanced Fashion Styling
FASH 55   Icons of Contemporary Fashion
FASH 56   Fashion Writing and Publicity
FASH 57   Fabric Glossary
FASH 60   Field Work - Fashion Merchandising
FASH 61   Fashion Merchandising/Marketing Internship
FASH 62   Work Experience in Image Consulting
FASH 63   Fashion Design and Production Internship
FASH 64   Textile Design Printing Techniques
FASH 65   Textile Design Dye and Fabrication
FASH 67A   Computerized Pattern Development: PAD
FASH 67B   Computerized Pattern Development: Gerber
FASH 69   Basic Pant Draft
FASH 70   Copying Ready-to-Wear
FASH 71   Creating & Upcycling Wearable Art
FASH 72   Drafting a Sloper (Moulage)
FASH 73   Sewing with Knit and Stretch Fabrics
FASH 74   Haute Couture Sewing Techniques
FASH 111A   Beginning Leather and Heavy Textiles
FASH 111B   Advanced Leather and Heavy Textiles
FASH 112   Digital Illustration for Fashion
FASH 113   Sustainability in Fashion
FASH 115   Structured Foundations & Swimwear
FASH 120   Intimate Apparel & Lingerie
FASH 137   Fashion Portfolio
FASH 138   Fashion Workplace and Career Essentials
FASH 6008   Weaving Tapestry
FASH 6009   Fiber Explorations
FASH 6014   Fashion Sewing and Alterations
FASH 6025   Quiltmaking
FASH 6055   Beginning Upholstery
FASH 6056   Advanced Upholstery Trade
FIN 110   Principles of Risk Management
FIN 130   Principles of Bank Operations
FIN 133   Money and Banking
FIN 136   Introduction to Financial Planning
FIN 138   Principles of Investment
FREN 1   Elementary French
FREN 1A   Elementary French
FREN 1B   Elementary French
FREN 2   Continuation of Elementary French
FREN 2A   Continuation of Elementary French
FREN 2B   Continuation of Elementary French
FREN 3   Intermediate French
FREN 3A   Intermediate French
FREN 3B   Intermediate French
FREN 4   Continuation of Intermediate French
FREN 5   Advanced French: Conversation on French Literature and Culture
FREN 10A   Beginning Conversational French
FREN 10B   Continuation of Beginning Conversational French
FREN 10C   Intermediate Conversational French
FREN 10D   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational French
FREN 10E   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational French
FREN 11A   Advanced Conversational French
FREN 11B   Advanced Conversational French
FREN 15A   Continuation of Advanced Conversational French
FREN 15B   Continuation of Advanced Conversational French
FREN 20   Independent Studies in French
FREN 22   Grammar Review and Composition
FREN 23   French Phonetics
FREN 41   Culture and Civilization of France
FREN 42   Contemporary French Culture and Civilization
GEN 11   Genetics Laboratory
GEOG 1   Physical Geography
GEOG 1L   Physical Geography Laboratory
GEOG 3   World Regional Geography
GEOG 4   Cultural Geography
GEOG 7   Economic Geography
GEOG 31   Introduction to Environmental Science
GEOG 31L   Environmental Science Laboratory
GEOG 41A   Climate Change
GEOG 110   Introduction to GIS
GEOG 111   GIS Analysis and Modeling
GEOG 112   GIS Software Technology
GEOL 10   Physical Geology
GEOL 10L   Physical Geology Lab
GEOL 11   Historical Geology
GEOL 11L   Historical Geology Lab
GEOL 21A   San Francisco Coastal Geology
GEOL 21B   San Francisco Geology
GEOL 21C   The San Andreas Fault System
GEOL 30   Environmental Geology
GEOL 30L   Environmental Geology Lab
GEOL 91   Geoscience Work Experience
GERM 1   Elementary German
GERM 1A   Elementary German
GERM 1B   Elementary German
GERM 2   Continuation of Elementary German
GERM 2A   Continuation of Elementary German
GERM 2B   Continuation of Elementary German
GERM 3   Intermediate German
GERM 3A   Intermediate German
GERM 3B   Intermediate German
GERM 4A   Continuation of Intermediate German
GERM 4B   Continuation of Intermediate German
GERM 10A   Beginning Practical Spoken German
GERM 10B   Beginning Practical Spoken German
GERM 10C   Intermediate Conversational German
GERM 10D   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational German
GERM 11A   Advanced Conversational German
GERM 11B   Advanced Conversational German
GNBS 119   Introduction to Business
GNBS 125   Green & Sustainable Business
GNBS 127   Green & Sustainable Operations Management
HCT 61   Introduction to Health Care
HCT 67   Computer Applications in the Health Care Setting
HCT 82   Professional Practice Internship/ Certification
HCT 100   Introduction to Residential Services
HCT 104   Phlebotomy Technician
HIST 1   The United States Since 1900
HIST 4A   Western Civilization
HIST 4B   Western Civilization Since 1600
HIST 5   Europe Since 1900
HIST 9   Immigrants in American History
HIST 12A   United States Women's History: Pre-colonial Through 1880s
HIST 12B   United States Women's History: 1890-Present
HIST 15A   History of the American Indian: Eastern Tribes
HIST 15B   History of the American Indian: Western Tribes
HIST 17A   The United States
HIST 17B   The United States
HIST 18A   The Colonial History of Latin America
HIST 18B   History of Latin America
HIST 20   History of Mexico
HIST 21   History of the Mexican American/Chicano
HIST 35A   History of China
HIST 35B   History of China
HIST 37   History of the Philippines
HIST 40   History of California
HIST 41A   The African American in the United States From the Colonial Era to the Civil War.
HIST 41B    The African American in the United States From the Reconstruction to the Present
HIST 45   LGBT American History
HIST 46   Independent Studies in History
HIST 49   History of San Francisco
HIT 50A   Medical Terminology I
HIT 50B   Medical Terminology II
HIT 51   Basic Medical Terminology
HIT 57   Disease Process
HIT 63   Health Information Systems
HIT 65   Organization of Health Data
HIT 72   Legal Aspects of HIM
HIT 73A   ICD-10-CM Coding
HIT 73B   ICD-10-PCS Coding
HIT 74   Introduction to Quality Improvement
HIT 75   Organization and Management in Health
HIT 76   CPT Coding
HIT 77A   Professional Practice I
HIT 77B   Professional Practice II
HIT 78   Reimbursement Methods in HIM
HLTH 6   End of Life Issues in the U.S.
HLTH 10   Health and Aging
HLTH 25   Women's Health
HLTH 27   Men's Health
HLTH 30   Drugs and Society
HLTH 33   Introduction to Health and Wellness
HLTH 38   Trauma Response and Recovery
HLTH 48   Violence as a Public Health Issue: Prevention Strategies
HLTH 50   Tai Chi for Health
HLTH 52   Critical Perspectives in Global Health
HLTH 53   Personal and Community Health
HLTH 54   Introduction to Public Health
HLTH 56   Politics of Food and Health
HLTH 59   Intro to the Community Health Worker Field
HLTH 64   Health Education Training: Skills and Practice
HLTH 65   Youth Development & Leadership
HLTH 66   Chronic Conditions Management
HLTH 67   HIV and Hepatitis Navigation Skills
HLTH 70   Physiological Effects of Addiction
HLTH 73   Case Management/Individual Intervention
HLTH 75   Treatment Modalities
HLTH 77   Co-Occurring Disorders
HLTH 78   Ethics and Drug Counseling
HLTH 79   Professional Skills for Addiction and Recovery Counselors
HLTH 79W   Addiction and Recovery Counseling Work Experience
HLTH 80   Interpreting in Health Care I
HLTH 81   Interpreting in Health Care II
HLTH 82   Professional Skills for Healthcare Interpreters
HLTH 83   Motivational Counseling Skills
HLTH 84   Introduction to Interpreting in Healthcare
HLTH 86   Group Treatment for Recovery
HLTH 87   Assessment and Services for Older Adults
HLTH 88   Family Systems
HLTH 89   Independent Study in Health
HLTH 90B   Harm Reduction and Health
HLTH 90C   Introduction to Trauma and Recovery
HLTH 91C   Hepatitis ABCs
HLTH 91D   Introduction to Wellness and Recovery Model in Mental Health
HLTH 91H   Elder Abuse Prevention
HLTH 91K   Language Access Strategies and Effective Collaboration with Healthcare Interpreters
HLTH 91M   Mindful Stress Reduction
HLTH 91N   Coaching Healthcare Interpreters
HLTH 95   Transgender Health: Working with Clients and Communities
HLTH 97   Stress and Resilience
HLTH 100   Introduction to Drug & Alcohol Studies
HLTH 102   Helping Relationships: Recovery and Wellness
HLTH 103   Community and Group Forums
HLTH 104   Internship Preparation and Professional Conduct in Mental Health
HLTH 105   Professional Skills for Community Mental Health Workers
HLTH 105W   CMHC Internship Placement
HLTH 110   Health Impacts of Incarceration
HLTH 116   Conflict Resolution Skills in Health
HLTH 120   Educational Justice and Health Equity
HLTH 170   Introduction to Dietetics Profession
HLTH 172   Foodways, Nutrition & Health
HLTH 173   Life Span Nutrition & Assessment
HLTH 174A   Intro to Clinical Nutrition
HLTH 174B   Community Nutrition
HLTH 175   Professional Skills for Nutrition Assistants
HLTH 175L   Nutrition Assistant Clinic
HLTH 175W   Nutrition Assistant Field Experience
HLTH 176   Sports Nutrition
HLTH 177   Introduction to Child Nutrition
HLTH 201   CHW Principles & Practice 1
HLTH 202   CHW Principles & Practice 2
HLTH 203   Professional Skills for Community Health Workers
HLTH 203W   CHW Internship Placement
HLTH 221   Health and Social Justice
HLTH 231   Healthy Cities and Communities
HLTH 300   Work Experience in Health and Social Services
HLTH 5018   Tai Chi for Health
HLTH 5122   Nutrition for the Later Years
HLTH 5123   Practical Nutrition Skills for the Later Years
HUM 7   Comparative Religions
HUM 8   Philosophies of Religion
HUM 11   Music, Art, and Literature: Traditional
HUM 12   Music/Art/Literature: Modern
HUM 20   Bay Area Arts
HUM 25   Women in the Arts
HUM 41A   Western Cultural Values: Pre-history to the Renaissance
HUM 41B   Western Cultural Values
HUM 48   African-American Music, Art and Literature
IDST 3   Intro to Museum Studies
IDST 4   Ways of Faith
IDST 7   Intro to the United Nations
IDST 14   American Cultures in Literature and Film
IDST 17   Human Sexuality
IDST 27A   Asian Humanities
IDST 27B   Asian Humanities
IDST 29   Islam: Identity & Culture
IDST 30   Demystifying the Middle East
IDST 31   Women and Gender in the Middle East
IDST 36   Poetry for the People
IDST 37   Introduction to Ethnic Studies
IDST 40   Contemporary Issues in the Filipino Community
IDST 42   Introduction to Philippine Arts
IDST 45   Pacific Islanders in the U.S.
IDST 46   Fa'a Pasefika: Interdisciplinary Cultural Expressions of Oceania
IDST 47   Trauma and the Arts: An Interdisciplinary Approach
IDST 50   College Success
IDST 80A   Diversity and Social Justice: Racism
IDST 80C   Diversity and Social Justice: Sexism
IDST 80D   Diversity and Social Justice: Heterosexism
IDST 80E   Diversity and Social Justice: Ableism
IDST 80F   Diversity and Social Justice: Class and Classism
IDST 80G   Diversity and Social Justice: Transphobia
IDST 81A   Diversity: Ageism and Adultism (Age-based Oppression)
IDST 81B   Diversity and Social Justice: Anti-Semitism/Anti-Arabism
IDST 300   Social Justice Work Experience
INTD 100   Introduction to Residential Interior Design
INTD 102   Interior Design Studio I
INTD 124   Interior Building Materials and Systems
INTD 125   Fundamentals of Architectural Lighting
INTD 138   Global History of Interior Design
INTI 110   
INTI 112   
INTI 114   
INTI 210   
INTI 212   
INTI 214   
INTI 310   
INTI 312   
INTI 314   
INTI 410   
INTI 412   
INTI 414   
INTR 162   Introduction to International Business
INTR 163   International Marketing
INTR 167   International Business Law
INTR 170   International Business Finance
INTR 172   International E-Business: Resources and Tools
INTR 173   Export-Import
ITAL 1   Elementary Italian
ITAL 1A   Elementary Italian
ITAL 1B   Elementary Italian
ITAL 2   Continuation of Elementary Italian
ITAL 2A   Continuation of Elementary Italian
ITAL 2B   Continuation of Elementary Italian
ITAL 3A   Intermediate Italian
ITAL 3B   Intermediate Italian
ITAL 4A   Continuation of Intermediate Italian
ITAL 4B   Continuation of Intermediate Italian
ITAL 10A   Beginning Conversational Italian
ITAL 10B   Continuation of Beginning Conversational Italian
ITAL 10C   Intermediate Conversational Italian
ITAL 10D   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational Italian
ITAL 11A   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational Italian
ITAL 11B   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational Italian
ITAL 15A   Advanced Conversational Italian
ITAL 15B   Advanced Conversational Italian
JAPA 1   Elementary Japanese
JAPA 1A   Elementary Japanese
JAPA 1B   Elementary Japanese
JAPA 2   Continuation of Elementary Japanese
JAPA 2A   Continuation of Elementary Japanese
JAPA 2B   Continuation of Elementary Japanese
JAPA 3   Intermediate Japanese
JAPA 3A   Intermediate Japanese
JAPA 3B   Intermediate Japanese
JAPA 4   Continuation of Intermediate Japanese
JAPA 4A   Continuation of Intermediate Japanese
JAPA 4B   Continuation of Intermediate Japanese
JAPA 10A   Beginning Conversational Japanese
JAPA 10B   Beginning Conversational Japanese
JAPA 10C   Intermediate Conversational Japanese
JAPA 16   Kanji for Reading and Writing
JAPA 17   Cont. Beg. Kanji for Reading and Writing
JAPA 18   Intermediate Kanji for Reading and Writing
JAPA 19   Continuation of Intermediate Kanji for Reading and Writing
JAPA 20   Continuation of Intermediate and Advanced Kanji for Reading and Writing
JAPA 39   Japanese Culture and Civilization
JOUR 19   Contemporary News Media
JOUR 21   News Writing and Reporting
JOUR 22   Feature Writing
JOUR 23   Copy Editing
JOUR 24   Newspaper Laboratory
JOUR 25   Editorial Management
JOUR 26   Fundamentals of Public Relations
JOUR 29A   Introduction to Magazine Editing and Production
JOUR 29B   Intermediate Magazine Editing and Production
JOUR 29C   Advanced Magazine Editing and Production
JOUR 31   Internship Experience
JOUR 32   Independent Study
JOUR 35   Internet Journalism
JOUR 36   Investigative Reporting
JOUR 37   Introduction to Photojournalism
JOUR 38   Intermediate Photojournalism
LACR 9802   Workers' Rights
LACR 9805   San Francisco Labor Today - Its Issues
LACR 9806   Workers' Advocacy Training
LACR 9815   Labor and Community Activist Training
LALS 1   Latino/a Diaspora: The Impact of Latinos Living in the United States
LALS 5   Introduction to Statistical Methods in Latin American and Latino/a Studies
LALS 9   The Latin American and Latina/o LGBT Experience
LALS 10   Latinas in the U.S./VOCES
LALS 11   Drug Wars in the Americas
LALS 13   Latin American & Latino/a Cross-Border Social Movements
LALS 14   Diego Rivera; Art and Social Change in Latin America
LALS 15   Latin American Workers in the Americas
LALS 70   Individual Study in Latin American and Latino/a Studies
LBCS 15   Latin American Workers in the Americas
LBCS 70A   Who Built America? From the Colonial Era to the Civil War and Reconstruction
LBCS 70B   Who Built America? From Reconstruction to the Present
LBCS 81   Organizing for Economic and Social Justice
LBCS 88   California Labor History
LBCS 94D   Labor Relations in America
LBCS 96C   Labor Relations in the Modern American Workplace
LBCS 98A   Beginning Labor Heritage Chorus
LBCS 98B   Intermediate Labor Heritage Chorus
LBCS 98C   Advanced Labor Heritage Chorus
LBCS 103   Peer Counseling-the Basics
LBCS 104A   Work Tales- Beginning Performance
LERN 10   Introduction to Tutoring
LERN 12   Tutoring/Mentoring Work Experience
LERN 50   College Success
LERN 51   College Success Basics
LERN 52A   Study Strategies: Discipline Specific
LERN 53A   Test Prep for CBEST Basic Skills Test-English
LERN 53B   Test Prep: Standardized Exams: CBEST-Math
LERN 53C   Test Prep: Standardized Exams: CSET
LERN 53D   Test Prep for CSET Multiple Subjects Exam: Math
LERN 55   Successful Online Learning
LERN 1000   Supervised Tutoring
LERN 1010   Introduction to Tutoring
LGBT 5   Introduction to Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Studies
LGBT 9   The Latin American and Latina/o LGBT Experience
LGBT 10   LGBT Culture & Society
LGBT 11   Film Expression: History of Queer Film
LGBT 12   Contemporary LGBTQ Film
LGBT 15   From Greece to Stonewall: Global LGBT Literature, Art and Culture
LGBT 18   Transgender Lives, Culture and Art
LGBT 20   LGBT U.S. Art and Culture
LGBT 21   Issues in Lesbian Relationships
LGBT 24   Intimacy and Relationships between Men
LGBT 50   Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Communities of Color in the U.S.
LGBT 55   Contemporary  Global LGBT Art and Culture
LGBT 75   Queer Cinema in the 1970s
LI S 10   Use of Information Resources
LIBR 51   Introduction to Libraries and Library Resources
LIBR 53   Library Public Services for Library Technicians
LIBR 55A   Cataloging and Classification
LIBR 55B   Technical and Access Services for Library Technicians
LIBR 56   Computers in Libraries
LIBR 57   Internet Research Strategies
LIBR 58A   Legal Resources and Libraries
LIBR 58B   Medical Resources & Libraries
LIBR 58C   Business Resources and Libraries
LIBR 59   Library Work Experience
MABS 30   Computer Keyboarding
MABS 35   Speedbuilding I: Keyboarding
MABS 38   Document Production Using Microsoft Word
MABS 60   Introduction to Computer Applications for Business
MABS 62   Computer Applications for Business on Mac
MABS 67   Database for Business/Microsoft Access
MABS 101   Spreadsheets for Business/Excel
MABS 202   PowerPoint Presentations
MABS 391   Word Processing/Microsoft Word
MABS 406   Developing Web Sites-Dreamweaver
MABS 408   Website Builder for Business Portfolio / Productivity
MABS 409   Developing Business Websites - Adobe Muse
MABS 410   Photoshop and Acrobat for Business
MAKR 33   Making and Makerspaces for Teachers
MAKR 100   Introduction to History, Culture and Practices of Making
MAKR 400   Maker Capstone
MATH 30   Prealgebra with Basic Mathematics
MATH 35   Prealgebra
MATH 40   Elementary Algebra
MATH 43   Preparation for Liberal Arts Mathematics
MATH 45   Preparation for Statistics
MATH 46   Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
MATH 55   Geometry
MATH 60   Intermediate Algebra
MATH 70   Liberal Arts Math
MATH 75   Mathematical Analysis for Business
MATH 80   Probability and Statistics
MATH 80S   Support for Probability and Statistics
MATH 90   Precalculus Algebra
MATH 90S   Support for Precalculus Algebra
MATH 92   College Algebra
MATH 95   Trigonometry
MATH 100A   Short Calculus I
MATH 100B   Short Calculus II
MATH 110A   Calculus I
MATH 110B   Calculus II
MATH 110C   Calculus III
MATH 115   Discrete Mathematics
MATH 120   Linear Algebra
MATH 125   Differential Equations
MATH 130   Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
MED 49   Clinical Procedures
MED 55   The Electronic Health Record
MED 56   Administrative Procedures
MED 62   Communication and Professionalism in Health Care
MED 70   Medical Insurance Billing
MED 71   Electronic Management of Financial Medical Records
MED 72   Advanced Medical Insurance Billing
MED 73   Advanced Medical Manager
MGT 231   Introduction to Supervision and Management
MGT 232   Organizational Behavior for Supervisors
MGT 233   Human Resources Management
MGT 234   Communication for Business Management
MGT 235   Organizational Leadership
MGT 236   Women Leaders at Work
MOTO 61   Custom Metal Fabrication
MOTO 63   Auto-Moto Custom Painting
MOTO 90   Introduction to Motorcycle Technology
MOTO 91   Motorcycle General Service
MOTO 92   Tune-up, Electrical and Performance
MOTO 93   Engine & Power Train Repair
MOTO 500   Bicycle Maintenance
MRKT 122   Professional Selling
MRKT 140   Introduction to Marketing
MRKT 145   Computer Marketing Applications
MRKT 150   Consumer Behavior
MRKT 170   Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication
MRKT 180   Social Media Marketing
MUS 1A   Beginning Musicianship
MUS 1B   Intermediate Musicianship
MUS 3A   Diatonic Harmony
MUS 3B   Chromatic Harmony
MUS 5A   Introduction to Composition
MUS 5B   Music Composition
MUS 6A   Beginning Classical Guitar
MUS 6B   Advanced Beginning Classical Guitar
MUS 6C   Intermediate Classical Guitar
MUS 6D   Advanced Intermediate Classical Guitar
MUS 7C2   Advanced Beginning Cello
MUS 7C3   Intermediate Cello
MUS 7C4   Advanced Intermediate Cello
MUS 7P1   Beginning Percussion
MUS 7P2   Advanced Beginning Percussion
MUS 7P3   Intermediate Percussion
MUS 7P4   Advanced Intermediate Percussion
MUS 7V1   Beginning Violin
MUS 7V2   Advanced Beginning Violin
MUS 7V3   Intermediate Violin
MUS 7V4   Advanced Intermediate Violin
MUS 7W1   Beginning Woodwind
MUS 7W2   Advanced Beginning Woodwind
MUS 7W3   Intermediate Woodwind
MUS 7W4   Advanced Intermediate Woodwind
MUS 8A   Beginning Jazz & Other Popular Piano
MUS 8B   Intermediate Jazz & Other Popular Piano
MUS 9A   Beginning Piano
MUS 9B   Intermediate Piano
MUS 9C   Keyboard Harmony
MUS 10A   Beginning Voice
MUS 10B   Advanced Beginning Voice
MUS 10C   Intermediate Voice
MUS 10D   Advanced Intermediate Voice
MUS 11   Guitar Workshop
MUS 12   Choir
MUS 13A   Jazz/Rock Improvisation Workshop
MUS 13B   Jazz/Rock Arranging and Composition Workshop
MUS 14   Chorale
MUS 15   Orchestra
MUS 16   Concert Band
MUS 17   Woodwind Ensemble
MUS 18   Brass Ensemble
MUS 19   Piano Ensemble and Repertoire
MUS 20   String Ensemble
MUS 21   Traditional African Music
MUS 22A   History of Music in Western Culture: Medieval and Renaissance Music
MUS 22B   History of Music in Western Culture: Baroque and Classical Music
MUS 22C   History of Music in Western Culture: Romanticism
MUS 23   History of Jazz: Musical Traditions of the African-American
MUS 24   Music of East Asia
MUS 25   Music of Latin America and the Caribbean
MUS 26   Music in American Culture
MUS 27A   Music Appreciation
MUS 27B   Musical Awareness
MUS 27Q   Music and Queer Identity
MUS 27R   The History of Rock and Popular Music
MUS 28   20th Century Music
MUS 29   Electronic Music I
MUS 30   Electronic Music II
MUS 41   African Drumming Ensemble
MUS 42   Gospel Choir
MUS 46   Stage Band
MUS 47   Pep Band
MUS 48A   Beginning Labor Heritage Chorus
MUS 48B   Intermediate Labor Heritage Chorus
MUS 48C   Advanced Labor Heritage Chorus
MUS 100   Music Fundamentals
MUS 200A   Ensemble - Musical Theatre Rehearsal and Presentation
MUS 200B   Supporting Role - Musical Theatre Rehearsal & Presentation
MUS 200C   Leading Role - Musical Theatre Rehearsal & Presentation
NURS 50   Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS 50A   Pharmacology in Nursing Part I
NURS 50B   Pharmacology in Nursing Part II
NURS 50L   Nursing Skills Laboratory
NURS 51   Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing
NURS 51L   Intermediate Nursing Skills
NURS 53   Maternal Newborn Nursing
NURS 54   Nursing of Children
NURS 55   Psychosocial Nursing
NURS 56   Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing
NURS 58   Trends and Issues in Nursing
O H 101   Urban Garden Practices
O H 111A   Year-Round Garden Color
O H 111B   Growing Orchids
O H 111C   Container Gardening
O H 111D   Introduction to Xeriscaping
O H 50   Introduction to Environmental Horticulture
O H 53A   Beginning Landscape Horticulture
O H 53B   Advanced Landscape Horticulture
O H 55   Tree Care
O H 56   Horticulture Machines
O H 58   Greenhouse Operations
O H 60   Business Practices in Environmental Horticulture
O H 63   Soils
O H 65   Plant Propagation
O H 66   Irrigation
O H 70A   Principles of Landscape Design
O H 70B   Advanced Principles of Landscape Design
O H 71A   Landscape Construction
O H 71B   Advanced Landscape Construction
O H 75   Pest Management
O H 76   Fall and Winter Plant Identification
O H 77   Spring and Summer Plant Identification
O H 91   Independent Study
O H 92   Independent Study
O H 93   Independent Study
O H 97   Work Experience
OCAN 1   Oceanography
OCAN 1L   Oceanography Lab
OLAD 7002   Staying Engaged for a Lifetime
OLAD 7003   Brain Fitness
OLAD 7004   Brain Fitness
OLAD 7005   Body Dynamics and the Aging Process I
OLAD 7007   Body Dynamics and the Aging Process II
OLAD 7201   Body Dynamics and the Aging Process II
OLAD 7202   Principles of Balance
OLAD 7203   Principles  of Balance-Beginning
OLAD 7204   Principles of Balance-Intermediate/Advanced
OLAD 7206   Body Dynamics and the Aging Process I
OLAD 7208   Mind Body Health
OLAD 7209   Mind-Body Health
OLAD 7211   Brain Fitness
OLAD 7212   Staying Engaged for a Lifetime
OLAD 7214   Healthier Living
OLAD 7300   Art for Older Adults
OLAD 7301   Arts and Crafts for Older Adults
OLAD 7302   Music Appreciation for Older Adults
OLAD 7303   Figure Drawing- Older Adults
OLAD 7304   Art-Painting and Drawing
OLAD 7305   Arts and Crafts
OLAD 7307   Music Appreciation for Older Adults
OLAD 7308   The Theatre-Elements and Interpretation
OLAD 7309   Theater-Elements and Interpretation
OLAD 7310   Stitchery for Older Adults
OLAD 7311   Ceramics for Older Adults
OLAD 7316   Life Sculpture for Older Adults
OLAD 7317   Life Sculpture
OLAD 7320   Art for People with Memory Loss
OLAD 7401   Writers' Workshop for Older Adults
OLAD 7402   English--Women's Literature
OLAD 7410   Telling Your Life Story
OLAD 7411   Creative Ways of Telling Your Life Story
OLAD 7412   Creative Ways of Telling Your Life Story
OLAD 7501   Introduction to Computers I
OLAD 7502   Introduction to the Internet
OLAD 7503   Art and Photography Using Digital Media
OLAD 7504   Introduction to Computers II
OLAD 7505   Introduction to Computers I
OLAD 7506   Introduction to the Internet
OLAD 7509   Encore Career Strategies
P SC 11   Physical Science
P SC 11L   Physical Science Laboratory
PE A 50   Intercollegiate Athletics Orientation
PE A 60   Women's Intercollegiate Soccer
PE A 61   Intercollegiate Badminton (Women)
PE A 62   Women's Intercollegiate Swim
PE A 63   Intercollegiate Tennis for Women
PE A 65   Intercollegiate Women's Basketball
PE A 66   Intercollegiate Track & Field for Women
PE A 67   Intercollegiate Softball for Women
PE A 68   Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball
PE A 69   Intercollegiate Cross-country for Women
PE A 80   Intercollegiate Baseball for Men
PE A 81   Intercollegiate Men's Basketball
PE A 82   Intercollegiate Men's Cross-Country
PE A 83   Intercollegiate Athletics for Men-Football
PE A 85   Intercollegiate Soccer for Men
PE A 88   Intercollegiate Track and Field for Men
PE A 89   Women's Intercollegiate Water Polo
PE A 96   Intensive Intercollegiate Physical Preparation
PE A 97   Special Physical Preparation for Intercollegiate Sport
PE A 98   General Physical Preparation for Intercollegiate Sport
PE A 99   Intercollegiate Sport Development
PE 7   Coaching and Officiating
PE 8   Introduction to Fitness, Training and Human Performance
PE 9   Fitness, Food, Managing Weight: Navigating Wellness
PE 13   Sport and Society
PE 14   Toward Living Long & Strong: A New Fitness Paradigm
PE 20   Sports Nutrition
PE 26   Introduction to Kinesiology
PE 27   Designing Weight Training Programs
PE 28   Women in Sports
PE 29A   Beginning Firefighting and Public Safety Conditioning
PE 29B   Intermediate Firefighting and Public Safety
PE 29C   Advanced Firefighting and Public Safety Conditioning
PE 41   Appreciation and Analyses of Baseball
PE 42   Appreciation and Analysis of Basketball
PE 43   Appreciation and Analysis of Football
PE 45   Appreciation and Analysis of Soccer
PE 173A   Aqua Zumba
PE 200B   Fitness Center Super Circuit
PE 200C   Fitness Center Super Circuit
PE 200D   Super Cardio Circuit
PE 200E   Super Strength Circuit
PE 201   Fitness Center
PE 202   Interactive Fitness
PE 204A   Physical Fitness
PE 204B   Physical Fitness
PE 204C   Advanced Physical Fitness
PE 205A   Beginning Running and Conditioning
PE 205B   Intermediate Running and Conditioning
PE 205C   Advanced Running and Conditioning
PE 206A   Beginning Walking for Wellness
PE 206B   Intermediate Walking for Wellness
PE 206C   Advanced Walking for Wellness
PE 207A   Boot Camp Fitness
PE 208A   Beginning Aerobic Fitness
PE 208B   Intermediate Aerobic Fitness
PE 208C   Advanced Aerobic Fitness
PE 209A   Beginning Step Aerobics
PE 209B   Intermediate Step Aerobics
PE 210A   Beginning Boxercise
PE 210B   Intermediate Boxercise
PE 212B   Beginning - Intermediate Olympic Weightlifting
PE 212C   Advanced Olympic Weightlifting
PE 212D   Competitive Olympic Weightlifting
PE 214A   Beginning Weight Training
PE 214B   Intermediate Weight Training
PE 215A   Beginning Strength and Interval Training
PE 215B   Intermediate Strength and Interval Training
PE 216A   Beginning Body Sculpting
PE 216B   Intermediate Body Sculpting
PE 217A   Beginning Stretching and Flexibility Development
PE 217B   Intermediate Stretching and Flexibility Development
PE 218   Gentle Restorative Yoga
PE 219A   Beginning Yoga
PE 219B   Intermediate Yoga
PE 219C   Advanced Yoga
PE 220   Intensive Yoga
PE 222   Introduction to Feldenkrais
PE 223A   Feldenkrais, Level 1
PE 223B   Feldenkrais, Level 2
PE 223C   Feldenkrais, Level 3
PE 224   Back Fitness
PE 230A   Beginning Archery
PE 230B   Intermediate Archery
PE 230C   Advanced Archery
PE 231A   Beginning Badminton
PE 231B   Intermediate Badminton
PE 231C   Advanced Badminton
PE 232A   Beginning Baseball
PE 232B   Intermediate Baseball
PE 232C   Advanced Baseball
PE 233A   Beginning Basketball
PE 233B   Intermediate Basketball
PE 233C   Advanced Basketball
PE 235A   Beginning Football
PE 235B   Intermediate Football
PE 235C   Advanced Football
PE 236A   Beginning Golf
PE 236B   Intermediate Golf
PE 238A   Beginning Soccer
PE 238B   Intermediate Soccer
PE 238C   Advanced Soccer
PE 239A   Beginning Softball
PE 239B   Intermediate Softball
PE 240A   Beginning Tennis
PE 240B   Intermediate Tennis
PE 240C   Advanced Tennis
PE 242A   Beginning Volleyball
PE 242B   Intermediate Volleyball
PE 242C   Advanced Volleyball
PE 243A   Cardio Tennis
PE 244A   Competitive Tennis Doubles
PE 250A   Lifeguard Training I
PE 252A   Beginning Water Aerobics
PE 252B   Intermediate Water Aerobics
PE 252C   Advanced Water Aerobics
PE 252D   Intensive Water Aerobics
PE 254   Novice Swimming
PE 255A   Beginning Swimming
PE 255B   Advanced Beginning Swimming
PE 255C   Intermediate Swimming
PE 255D   Advanced Swimming
PE 255E   Masters Swimming
PE 256A   Beginning Fitness Swimming
PE 256B   Advanced Beginning Fitness Swimming
PE 256C   Intermediate Fitness Swimming
PE 256D   Advanced Fitness Swimming
PE 258A   Beginning Water Polo
PE 258B   Advanced Beginning Water Polo
PE 258C   Intermediate Water Polo
PE 258D   Advanced Water Polo
PE 260A   Beginning Pickleball
PE 260B   Intermediate Pickleball
PE 271A   Beginning Judo
PE 271B   Intermediate Judo
PE 271C   Advanced Judo
PE 271D   Competition Judo
PE 274A   Beginning Jiu-jitsu
PE 274B   Intermediate Jiu-jitsu
PE 274D   Competition Jiu-jitsu
PE 276A   Beginning Taekwondo
PE 276B   Intermediate Taekwondo
PE 277   Self Defense for Women
PHIL 2   Introduction to Philosophy: Morality and Politics
PHIL 4   Introduction to Philosophy:  Knowledge and Its Limits
PHIL 12A   Symbolic Logic
PHIL 25A   Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 25C   Modern Philosophy through Kant
PHIL 40   Logic:  An Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHOT 40   Photography as Activism
PHOT 50A   History & Aesthetics Pre-1945
PHOT 50B   History and Aesthetics of Photography Since 1945
PHOT 51   Beginning Photography
PHOT 52   Photographers and Their Images
PHOT 57   Photography for the Web
PHOT 60A   Beginning Photoshop
PHOT 60B   Intermediate Photoshop
PHOT 67   Digital Negatives for Darkroom Printing
PHOT 80   Outdoor & Ambient Lighting
PHOT 81A   Intermediate Photo: B & W Film/Darkroom
PHOT 81B   Advanced Black & White Darkroom
PHOT 81D   Intermediate Photo: Digital
PHOT 82   Zone System Techniques
PHOT 83   View Camera Techniques
PHOT 85A   Beginning Lighting Techniques
PHOT 85B   Advanced Studio Lighting Techniques
PHOT 86   Mixed Media and the Photographic Image
PHOT 90   Portraiture
PHOT 92   Fashion Photography
PHOT 93   Editorial Photography
PHOT 99   Business Practices of Photography
PHOT 100   Design Fundamentals
PHOT 101C   Self Portraiture
PHOT 101D   Landscape Photography
PHOT 101E   Environmental Portraiture
PHOT 101G   Pinhole Photography
PHOT 101P   Plastic Camera Photography
PHOT 101S   Introduction to Image Scanning
PHOT 102A   Architectural Photography
PHOT 102B   Documentary/News Photography
PHOT 102C   Phase One - Capture One
PHOT 102D   Beginning Drone Piloting and Imaging
PHOT 130   Portfolio Production
PHOT 140   Industry Internship
PHOT 200A   Photography Service Learning
PHOT 200B   Photography Service Learning II
PHOT 1001   Using Your Digital Camera
PHOT 1002   Beginning B/W Photography
PHOT 1003   Lightroom 1: Library & Develop
PHST 10   Independent Study
PHST 20   The Filipino Family
PHST 30   Philippine Society and Culture Through Film
PHTC 101   Pharmacy Technician I - Theory
PHTC 102   Pharmacy Technician I - Clinical
PHTC 102A   Health Care Mathematics
PHTC 103   Pharmacy Technician II - Theory
PHTC 104   Pharmacy Technician II - Clinical
PHYC 2A   Introductory Physics
PHYC 2AC   Introductory Physics-Calculus Supplement
PHYC 2AL   Introductory Physics Laboratory
PHYC 2B   Introductory Physics
PHYC 2BC   Introductory Physics--Calculus Supplement
PHYC 2BL   Introductory Physics Laboratory
PHYC 4A   Classical Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4AL   Mechanics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4B   Electromagnetism for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4BL   Electromagnetism Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4C   Waves and Thermodynamics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4CL   Waves and Thermodynamics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4D   Physics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 4DL   Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers
PHYC 10   Conceptual Physics
PHYC 10L   Conceptual Physics Laboratory
PHYC 20   Physics of Sports
PHYC 40   Elementary Physics
PHYC 41   Preparatory Physics
PIL 1   Elementary Filipino (Tagalog)
PIL 2   Continuation of Elementary Pilipino
PIL 10A   Conversational Filipino (Tagalog)
PIL 10B   Conversational Filipino (Tagalog)
PIL 10C   Intermediate Conversational Pilipino
PIL 39A   Philippine Literature in Translation:   Philippine Literature to 1940
PIL 39B   Philippine Literature in Translation:   Philippine Literature from 1940 to the Present
PLS 1   Introduction to Paralegal Studies
PLS 2   Legal Research and Writing I
PLS 3   Legal Research and Writing II
PLS 4   Litigation I
PLS 5   Litigation II
PLS 6   Law Office Management and Procedures
PLS 7   Corporate Law
PLS 9   Wills, Trusts, and Probate Administration
PLS 12   Family Law
PLS 14   Immigration Law
PLS 16   Paralegal Work Experience
POLS 1   American Government
POLS 2   Comparative Government
POLS 3   Political Theory
POLS 4   The Politics of Globalization
POLS 5   International Relations
POLS 12   Ethnic Politics in the United States
POLS 18   Government and Politics of Latin America
POLS 22   Environmental Politics and Policy
POLS 41   Independent Studies in Political Science
POLS 43   The Constitution and Individual Rights
POLS 45   Governments and Politics of the Middle East
PSYC 1   General Psychology
PSYC 1B   Biological Psychology
PSYC 2    Research Methods
PSYC 4   Forensic Psychology
PSYC 5   Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 9   Psychology of Stress
PSYC 10   Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 11   Theories of Personality
PSYC 14   Psychology of Shyness and Self-esteem
PSYC 15   Assertive Behavior
PSYC 17   Psychology of Eating, Food, and Weight
PSYC 21   Lifespan Development
PSYC 23   Psychology of Race and Ethnic Relations
PSYC 24   Queer Psychology
PSYC 25   Psychology of Gender
PSYC 26   Applied Psychology
PSYC 32   Social Psychology
PSYC 40   Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 46   Adolescent Psychology
R E 181   Principles of Real Estate
R E 182   Escrow Fundamentals
R E 183   Real Estate Property Management
R E 184   Real Estate Practice
R E 185   Legal Aspects of Real Estate
R E 186   Principles of Real Estate Finance
R E 187   Real Estate Taxation
R E 189   Real Estate Economics
R E 191   Principles of Real Estate Appraisal
R E 192   Advanced Real Estate Appraisal
R F 80A   Flower Shop Procedures and Basic Designs
R F 80B   Intermediate Floral Design
R F 80C   Advanced Floral Design
R F 81   Flower and Foliage Identification/Culture and Care
R F 81A   Fall and Winter Flower and Foliage Identification/Culture and Care
R F 81B   Spring and Summer Flower and Foliage Identification/Culture and Care
R F 82   Interior Plant Identification
R F 84   Flower-Shop Operations
R F 85A   Introduction to Floral Design - Spring
R F 85B   Introduction to Floral Design-Summer
R F 85C   Introduction to Flower Arranging Fall
R F 85D   Introduction to Flower Arranging Winter
R F 86A   Beginning Oriental Style Flower Arranging
R F 86B   Oriental Flower Arrangement II
R F 86C   Oriental Flower Arrangement III
R F 86D   Oriental Flower Arrangement IV
R F 88   Designs in Floristry
R F 98   Retail Floristry Work Experience
RUSS 1   Elementary Russian
RUSS 1A   Elementary Russian
RUSS 1B   Elementary Russian
RUSS 2   Continuation of Elementary Russian
RUSS 2A   Continuation of Elementary Russian
RUSS 2B   Continuation of Elementary Russian
RUSS 3A   Intermediate Russian
RUSS 3B   Intermediate Russian
RUSS 4A   Continuation of Intermediate Russian
RUSS 10A   Beginning Practical Spoken Russian
RUSS 10B   Continuation of Beginning Practical Spoken Russian
RUSS 10C   Intermediate Conversational Russian
RUSS 15A   Advanced Russian Conversation
RUSS 15B   Advanced Russian Conversation
RUSS 16A   Advanced Conversation Through Russian Cinema
RUSS 16B   Advanced Conversation through Contemporary Russian Cinema
RUSS 21   Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students
RUSS 21A   Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students
RUSS 21B   Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students
RUSS 22   Continuation of Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students
RUSS 22A   Continuation of Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students
RUSS 22B   Continuation of Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students
RUSS 41   Russian Culture and Civilization
SMBS 135   Ownership and Operations of a Small Business
SMBU 9419   Developing a Business Plan
SMBU 9467   Getting Started in Business
SMBU 9476   Green & Sustainable Small Business
SMBU 9477   eBay for Your Small Business
SMBU 9792   Small Business Management
SMBU 9793   Small Business Marketing and Sales
SMBU 9799   Technology for Small Business
SOC 1   Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2   Social Deviance and Social Issues
SOC 3   Social Problems
SOC 11   Intro to Social Work and Human Services
SOC 21   Introduction to Research Methods
SOC 25   Sex and Gender in American Society
SOC 35   Sex, Marriage, and Family Relationships
SPAN 1   Elementary Spanish
SPAN 1A   Elementary Spanish
SPAN 1B   Elementary Spanish
SPAN 2   Continuation of Elementary Spanish
SPAN 2A   Continuation of Elementary Spanish
SPAN 2B   Continuation of Elementary Spanish
SPAN 3   Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 3A   Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 3B   Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 5   Advanced Spanish: Hispanic Culture and Civililization
SPAN 5S   Advanced Spanish: Hispanic Culture and Civililization
SPAN 6   Continuation of Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 6A   Continuation of Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 6B   Continuation of Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 7   Introduction to Literature in Spanish
SPAN 10A   Beginning Conversational Spanish
SPAN 10B   Continuation of Beginning Conversational Spanish
SPAN 10C   Intermediate Conversational Spanish
SPAN 10D   Continuation of Intermediate Conversational Spanish
SPAN 22A   Grammar Review and Composition
SPAN 22B   Grammar Review and Composition
SPAN 22C   Grammar Review and Composition
SPAN 31   Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1
SPAN 31A   Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1A
SPAN 31B   Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1B
SPAN 32   Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2
SPAN 32A   Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2A
SPAN 32B   Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2B
SPAN 41   Culture and Civilization of Spain
SPAN 42   LGBT Voices in Hispanic society
SUST 5   Sustainability and the Environment Speaker Series
SUST 31   Introduction to Environmental Science
SUST 31L   Environmental Science Laboratory
SUST 91   Applied Research in Sustainability
TH A 107A   Introduction to Directing for the Theatre
TH A 107B   Intermediate Directing for the Theatre
TH A 107C   Advanced Directing for the Theatre
TH A 150A   Beginning Acting Fundamentals
TH A 150B   Intermediate Acting Fundamentals
TH A 150C   Advanced Acting Fundamentals
TH A 151A   Beginning Character Development and Scene Study
TH A 151B   Intermediate Character Development and Scene Study
TH A 151C   Advanced Character Development and Scene Study
TH A 152A   Performance Projects: Student Original Works
TH A 152B   Performance Projects: Unpublished Plays
TH A 152C   Performance Projects: Contemporary Plays
TH A 153A   Beginning Improvisation
TH A 153B   Intermediate Improvisation
TH A 153C   Advanced Improvisation
TH A 154A   Beginning Acting For The Camera
TH A 154B   Intermediate Acting For The Camera
TH A 154C   Advanced Acting For The Camera
TH A 160A   Beginning Vocal Production and Audition
TH A 160B   Intermediate Vocal Production and Audition
TH A 160C   Advanced-Intermediate Vocal Production and Audition
TH A 160D   Advanced Vocal Production and Audition
TH A 170A   Beginning Shakespeare for Actors
TH A 170B   Intermediate Shakespeare for Actors
TH A 170C   Advanced Intermediate Shakespeare for Actors
TH A 170D   Advanced Shakespeare for Actors
TH A 171A   Beginning Storytelling and Performance
TH A 171B   Intermediate Storytelling and Performance
TH A 171C   Advanced Intermediate Storytelling and Performance
TH A 171D   Advanced Storytelling and Performance
TH A 201A   Ensemble Role Comedy-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 201B   Supporting Role Comedy-Play Rehearsal Presentation
TH A 201C   Principal Role Comedy-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 202A   Ensemble Role Drama-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 202B   Supporting Role Drama-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 202C   Principal Role Drama-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 203A   Ensemble Role Classical-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 203B   Supporting Role Classic-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 203C   Principal Role Classic-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 204A   Ensemble Role Tragedy-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 204B   Supporting Role Tragedy-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 204C   Principal Role Tragedy-Play Rehearsal and Presentation
TH A 30   Introduction to Theatre
TH A 31   Survey of Classical Drama
TH A 32   Survey of Modern Drama
TH A 33   Survey of the Art of Comedy
TH A 60   Stagecraft
TH A 61   Technical Theatre Production
TH A 62   Introduction to Stage Design
TH A 63   Introduction to Lighting Design
TH A 71   Introduction to Make-up and Costume Design
TH A 72   Intermediate Make-up and Costume Design
TH A 73   Advanced Make-up and Costume Design
TICU 9550   Custodial Training
TICU 9551   Custodial Training for Healthcare Workers
TRST 1322   Academic Reading and Writing 1.5
TRST 1422   Math Skills Development 1
TRST 2322   Academic Reading/Writing 2.5
TRST 2323   Media Literacy
TRST 2421   Math Skills Development 2
TRST 2422   Math Skills Lab
TRST 2533   Health Education
TRST 2731   The Americas in Film
TRST 3331   Academic Reading and Writing 3
TRST 3332   Grammar and Writing
TRST 3333   Introduction to Public Speaking
TRST 3334   Discovering Literature
TRST 3335   Exploring Literature
TRST 3346   Literature and Composition
TRST 3347   Contemporary American Writers
TRST 3348   Academic Writing 2
TRST 3421   High School Algebra 1A
TRST 3422   High School Algebra 1B
TRST 3423   High School  Geometry 1A
TRST 3424   Geometry 1B
TRST 3531   High School U.S. History 1
TRST 3532   High School U.S. History 2
TRST 3533   Civics
TRST 3534   High School Economics
TRST 3535   Modern World History
TRST 3536   Social Justice
TRST 3537   High School United States History 3
TRST 3631   High School Physical Science
TRST 3642   High School Biology
TRST 3643   High School Ecology
TRST 3644   High School Physics
TRST 3721   Visual Arts
TRST 3732   Comparative Religion
TRST 3733   High School Art and Literature
TRST 4600   Vocational Foundation Skills-Reading and Writing
TRST 4604   Vocational Foundation Skills - Mathematics
TRST 4605   Job Readiness, Study Skills, and Test Taking Strategies
TRST 4606   Vocational Foundation Skills - Mathematics I
TRST 4607   Applied Vocational Foundation Skills - Mathematics II
TRST 4640   Vocational Foundation Skills-Reading, Writing and Study Skills
TRST 5035   Individualized Reading and Writing
TRST 5036   Reading/Writing Lab
TRST 5038   Introduction to Academic Success
TRST 5039   ABE/Pre-High School Equivalency
TRST 5041   High School Equivalency Prep: Language Arts
TRST 5042   High School Equivalency Prep: Mathematics
TRST 5043   High School Equivalency Prep: Social Studies
TRST 5044   High School Equivalency Prep: Science
TRST 5052   High School Lab: Contemporary World
TRST 5053   High School Learning Lab: Humanities
TRST 5054   High School Learning Lab: English
TRST 5055   High School Learning Lab: Mathematics
TRST 5056   High School Lab: Civics
TRST 5057   High School Lab: Economics
TRTV 155   Meeting and Event Planning
TRTV 157   Principles of Travel and Tourism
TRTV 159   Careers in Travel and Tourism
TRTV 160   Travel and Tourism Internship
TRTV 172   Destinations: Natural Wonders
TRTV 173   Destinations: Historical and Archaeological
TRTV 174   Destinations: Cruises
TRTV 175   Destinations: Hotels, Resorts and Spas
TRTV 176   Destinations: Great Trips
TRTV 180   Eco-Travel & Tourism
TRTV 181   Business Travel
TRTV 182   Tour Management
VMD 100   Orientation to Visual Media Design
VMD 101   Design Fundamentals
VMD 105   Digital Skills for Visual Media
VMD 110   History of Graphic Design
VMD 111   Print Processes for Designers
VMD 112   Design Drawing Techniques
VMD 114A   Letterpress Printing I
VMD 114B   Letterpress Printing II
VMD 116A   Bookbinding & Book Arts I
VMD 116B   Bookbinding & Book Arts II
VMD 116C   Bookbinding & Book Arts III
VMD 118   Color in Design
VMD 120   Graphic Design I
VMD 122   Graphic Design II
VMD 124A   Information Design
VMD 124B   Package Design
VMD 124C   User Interface Design
VMD 127   User Experience
VMD 130   Typography I
VMD 131   Typography II
VMD 134   Calligraphy
VMD 135   Hand-Lettering
VMD 136   Digital Font Creation
VMD 140   Web Production I
VMD 141   Web Production II
VMD 150   Illustrator I
VMD 151   Illustrator II
VMD 152   InDesign I
VMD 153   InDesign II
VMD 154   Photoshop I
VMD 155   Photoshop II
VMD 162A   2D Animation I
VMD 162B   2D Animation II
VMD 164   3D Animation
VMD 166   Storytelling/Storyboarding
VMD 168   Visual Development for Animation
VMD 170   Digital Illustration I
VMD 172   Digital Illustration II
VMD 182   Game Production Workflow
VMD 184   Team Production of Games
VMD 190   Portfolio Preparation
VMD 191   Social Media for Professionals
VMD 192   Professional Practice
VMD 194A   Internship/Work Experience I
VMD 194B   Internship/Work Experience II
VMD 200A   Design Studio Practicum
VMD 200B   Design Studio Practicum II
VOCN 23   Nurse Assistant/Convalescent Care
VOCN 24   Home Health Aide
VOCN 25   Nurse Assistant/Acute Care
VOCN 41A   Fundamentals of Vocational Nursing
VOCN 41B   Basic Medical/Surgical Nursing
VOCN 41C   Basic Medical/Surgical Skills Lab
VOCN 41D   Pharmacology
VOCN 42A   Adult Medical Surgical Nursing I
VOCN 42B   Adult Medical Surgical Nursing II
VOCN 42C   Adult Medical/Surgical Skills Lab
VOCN 42D   Mental Health Nursing
VOCN 42E   Nutrition
VOCN 43A   Concepts in Community Health Nursing
VOCN 43B   Maternity Nursing
VOCN 43C   Pediatric Nursing
VOCN 43D   Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing
VOCN 43E   Advanced Medical/Surgical Skills Lab
VOCN 43F   Child Growth and Development
VOCN 9194   Home Health Aide Training
VOCN 9195   Home Health Aide Training
VOCN 9200   Nursing Refresher
WELD 140   Manufacturing Processes
WELD 144A   Survey of Welding Processes
WELD 144B   Intermediate Welding Processes
WELD 144C   Advanced Welding Processes
WELD 148   Welding Symbols and Inspection
WGST 10   Women and Film
WGST 20   Her/His/Ourstories
WGST 25   Introduction to Women's Studies: Feminism Demystified
WGST 35   Introduction to Masculinity Studies
WGST 54   The Politics of Sexual Violence
WGST 55   Ending Sexual Violence: Peer Education
WGST 2501   Self-Defense
WKEX 333   General Work Experience
WKEX 777   On-Campus Work Experience
WOPR 9990   Word Processing (Multi Level)
WOPR 9995   Microsoft Word for Business I
WOPR 9996   Microsoft Word for Business II
WORL 100   Introduction to Intercultural Communication and Language Learning