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50 Phelan Ave • San Francisco, Ca 94112 • North Gym
Spring 2006
Intercollegiate Judo Competition for Women
  • Scheduled Time in Catalog: MTWTHF, 4-6 pm
  • The course is open to all women wanting to learn the Sport of Judo.
  • The course allows women to participate in practices and compete in intercollegiate judo competition. Previous Judo experience NOT required.
  • The course promotes the development of self-confidence, social and leadership skills.

The Intercollegiate Judo Competition - Women Practice choices are:

    • MW 10-11 am or TTH 6-7 pm for beginning students
    • Int/Adv Students will meet on Tue.&Thur. 7-9 pm, S-Gym Mat Room

Womens Competition

Course Description: Instruction and participation in intercollegiate judo for women. Each student will develop the basic, intermediate and advance skills and knowledge necessary to participate in judo safely. Philosophy, scoring of ground fighting and throwing techniques, competition strategy will be covered in detail. Students will have the opportunity to test for their next rank during the semester.

Course Objectives: Upon completion the student will be able to:

  • Formulate an understanding of basic terminology, history, rules, principles, etiquette and apply the International Judo Federation rules
  • Assemble instructor directions and class rules into safe and proper procedures.
  • Demonstrate ability to cooperate with and respect fellow students, taking into account the skill, strength and weight of her partner.
  • Integrate the basic mechanics of throwing, pin and submission holds (submission/joint locks).
  • Improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular condition.
  • Translate rules to judgements of competitive situations by taking on leadership role as technical official.
  • Identify and perform individual judo skills appropriate for the student's rank.
  • Analyze the strength, endurance and neuromuscular coordination necessary in Judo.
  • Recognize sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork and initiative.

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