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50 Phelan Ave • San Francisco, Ca 94112 • North Gym

City College of San Francisco Judo Club

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Judo is an art and a sport, a means of defense, and equally, a means of offense.  Like Jujitsu, it forerunner, Judo is a method of turning an opponent's strength against himself, thus defeating him in the most efficient manner.  One will learn to employ specialized principles of movements, balance and leverage to (1) throw an opponent to the mat; (2) hold an opponent on the mat; (3) apply a  submission/choking technique, and (4) apply submission hold only on an opponents elbow joint.   

Judo Competition

The underlying concept of Judo is that an advantage can be most effectively obtained by giving way to an attacking force.  An opponent's own movements are utilized to obtain an unbalanced position from which the other person may execute a successful technique.        

Classes in Beginning, Intermediate and Advance levels are offered each semester. At the conclusion of each semester, students will have the opportunity to compete and host the City College of San Francisco Invitational Judo Tournament held in April and May.  All classes are co-educational. Classes are 1 unit credit.

Students must be enrolled at CCSF to participate in Class


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Board of Trustees
Dr. Natalie Berg, President • Vice President • Johnnie L. Carter, Jr. • Dr. Anita Grier • Milton Marks III
Julio J. Ramos, Esq. • Lawrence Wong, Esg. • Veronica Lawrence, Student Trustee • Dr. Philip R. Day, Jr., Chancellor

Last Updated: October 6, 2006

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